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Volunteers Change Lives Through Dental Lifeline Network

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With Volunteer Week coming to a close, we want to thank all of the volunteers in our program who have helped over 170,000 patients. You make a difference each day, and we are grateful for your partnership. Without you, our mission to change the lives of America’s most vulnerable adults through our coordinated system of care would not be possible.   

The Need 

The DDS program helps people like Charlene, 70, a disabled veteran from Alabama. Charlene served active duty in the army for 3 years, before working as a computer technician for the rest of her career. She lives alone and has faced many health challenges over the years, including osteoporosis, joint replacements in her right hip and shoulder, and hypertension, amongst other health issues. Sadly, she also suffers from PTSD due to major traumatic assaults experienced many years ago while serving in the military.  

Along with these medical issues, Charlene also struggled with her oral health. She lacked teeth for years, limiting her food choices and making eating painful. Surviving on a small social security benefit and veteran’s pension, Charlene was feeling hopeless and left wondering if she would get the dental care she needed.  

The Solution 

Everything changed when Dr. Diana Tedder, a DDS volunteer, stepped in to help. Working with a volunteer lab, Dothan Crown and Bridge, Inc., this generous team helped Charlene receive a full set of upper and lower dentures. Thanks to the kindness and generosity of these volunteers, Charlene’s oral health was restored, and she was finally able to eat again, just in time for her birthday.  

“I am just so happy I could cry. Thank you so much. God bless your heart.” said Charlene of her experience in the DDS program. 

Thank you, Volunteers! 

Thank you, volunteers, for your commitment to helping vulnerable individuals. Across the country, patients are grateful for the impact you have made and continue to make on their lives. With your generosity, more vulnerable people are getting access to the dental care they need through the DDS program. 

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