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Hinman to Award $138,000 in Scholarships and Gifts to Dental Programs

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The Hinman Dental Society has announced that it will award $138,000 in scholarships and gifts to dental education schools and programs this year. Included in this amount is $108,000 in scholarships and $30,000 to the University of Tennessee Hinman Research Symposium.

Hinman Dental Society Members with the Dental College of Georgia’s Senior Class – August 2023

The Hinman Dental Society has been granting scholarships since 1986. Recipients are selected by the dean and program directors of each school. In August, the Hinman board of trustees traveled to the Dental College of Georgia to kick off the new school year and to celebrate the incoming senior class.

“The Hinman Trustees are pleased to support this year’s senior class with a $500 scholarship for each student. We appreciate the participation from our members and attendees at the 2023 Hinman Dental Meeting. Because of the success of the Meeting, we are able to make these gifts possible,” said Dr. Brad Greenway, chair of the board of trustees.

The Hinman Trustees will also grant $36,000 in scholarships to additional Southeast dental, Georgia hygiene and Georgia assisting schools and provide $30,000 to support the 28th Hinman Student Research Symposium at the University of Tennessee, November 10-12.

The Hinman Student Research Symposium is a national meeting that features oral and poster presentations of research studies by dental students and graduate trainees from dental schools across North America and Canada. The Symposium will be held at the historic Peabody Hotel in downtown Memphis, Tennessee. The goal of the Hinman Student Research Symposium is to help raise and maintain the quality of dental research and education in the U.S. by encouraging participation of dental students, graduate trainees, and dental school faculty in research to improve oral health care globally.

About Hinman

The Thomas P. Hinman Dental Meeting is held every March and provides dental professionals with the latest and most comprehensive continuing education in dentistry today. Our meeting is known for its hospitality, extraordinary educational programs, impressive roster of speakers, unsurpassed social events and all-inclusive technical exhibition. The Meeting is sponsored by the Hinman Dental Society, a non-profit organization, and excess revenue is invested and then gifted in the form of scholarships to individuals and institutions that foster dental education. The Society has provided more than $10 million in total giving to date.

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