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Karmazin Dental’s Successful Cavity Prevention Program

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We are proud to have Dr. Mark Allen and Team as one of our amazing CariFree offices. Today they are sharing more about their cavity prevention program. We hope it will inspire your office as you help patients become cavity-free!

What is your why? Why is a caries prevention program important to you and your team?


We strive to be an office that is considered a preventative care office that risk assesses each and every patient. With that being said, the biomechanical risk (decay) needs to be prevented not only for the health of the patient, but also for their restorative maintenance. Because we are a high volume practice that offers several restorative options, prevention of decay is of utmost concern.

What has been your biggest patient success with the product?

We have seen a significant difference with decay reduction and prevention with the patients that have been educated and are compliant in using the CariFree system. I was really amazed at the difference the products made.

What advice would you give a practice that is considering using CariFree in their office?

You will be amazed not only by the difference these products have made, but how accepting and compliant your patients will be is using them. We have almost entirely converted our practice over in using these products. The evidence base and science behind the products just makes sense.

When introducing the products to your patients, what are the most important points about the products you explain to them?


We always try to include the “why” behind the product. Starting from the risk assessment of the patient (high-risk), biofilm, why they need the product, how the product is different from the “over the counter” options and the benefits of xylitol. We also incorporate being able to “customize” the product line to each individual patient.

CariFree is also made to be used by the entire family. There are fluoride free options for young children, pH boosting Spray for xerostomia and a variety flavor options as well.

What is your favorite CariFree product and why?

We really like the Maintenance Rinse! It is very minty and fresh. But, I also really advise the grape flavor for someone who does not tolerate mint flavor. This flavor is very kid friendly! Side note: We sell a TON of the PRO Gel 5000 in mint! This is our #1 seller in our office; we literally order 12-16 cases of it at a

Do you have any tips on successfully implementing the products into a practice?

When you begin to introduce these products, do not assume that your patients won’t be receptive. We started introducing it by explaining to our patients their susceptibility for decay, and that there is a new product out that incorporates nano -hydroxyapatite along with fluoride, xylitol, and an elevated pH to combat acidogenic bacteria in the mouth. Each box of product contains a pamphlet that offers an explanation of how it works and the CF Team is so knowledgeable and easy to work with and there to assist.

What is the biggest challenge for your office and your patients with the products? And how do you overcome any objections from patients?

We have had a few patients comment on the expense of the toothpaste, but after they know how well it works (and have seen the results for themselves), it really sells itself. We always let them know that it is entirely up to them on if they purchase it, but we strive to reiterate its relevance and the value we place on it. When we voice the benefits of using it vs not, the patients know the importance as well.

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