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March 2023 – Dentistry Today

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The Digital Road to Aesthetic Success

Dr. Diana Tadros shows how to create a complete digital workflow from treatment planning to final restorations using almost all in-office technologies. She demonstrates smile design, patient communication, and in-office printed temporaries to achieve a predictable and satisfactory result for patients.

Predictable Approach to Indirect Mixed-Media Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Wynn Okuda reviews how to achieve aesthetic excellence with indirect mixed-media cases. He outlines several factors that are important to integrate into treatment.

Ceramic Implants and Dental Implant Rehabilitation, Part I

Drs. Sammy Noumbissi and Varo Boyer detail the advantages of using ceramic implants to get predictable, aesthetic results along with excellent tissue response.

Prosthetic Reconstruction Using Available Bone

Drs. Timothy F. Kosinski and Stephanie Tilley discuss cases that don’t have enough vertical and horizontal available bone. They share how to create prosthetic options and acceptable compromises for patients who had different expectations.

FOCUS ON: The Future of Dental Meetings

Nanette Tertel, DDS, chair of learning for SmileCon 2023, talks about new trends that are reigniting dental conferences after the COVID-19 pandemic.

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