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November/December 2023 – Dentistry Today

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A Complex Dental Restoration Using Cutting-Edge Technology and a Patient-Centric Approach

Dr. Jenny Apekian underscores how the integration of advanced imaging, CAD/CAM systems, 3D printing, and collaborative lab technologies shows  only precision and efficiency and contribute to patient confidence and acceptance.

Managing Pediatric Sleep Apnea

Dr. Meghna Dassani notes that children with sleep-disordered breathing present very differently than adults with sleep disturbances. Early recognition, accurate diagnosis, and tailored treatment plans can significantly improve outcomes and promote healthy development in affected children.

An Aesthetic and Conservative Solution for Pediatric Anterior Restorations

Dr. Katie To shares an injectable technique with flowable composite that is predictable, efficient, and minimally invasive, resulting in happier pediatric dental patients and parents.

Rehabilitation of Patients With Stage IV Advanced Periodontitis: A Review

Drs. Ahmad Soolari and Nkem Obiechina look at a multi-specialty approach to management of a patient with advanced (Stage IV) periodontitis. Their guidance to treatment steps will help discourage early extraction of questionable teeth that might be able to respond to therapy.

FOCUS ON: Treating People, Not Patients

In his new book, Michael Sonick, DMD, talks about his mission to improve the quality of patients’ lives as well as the lives of everyone he meets.

VIEWPOINT: Revolutionizing Dentistry: The Power of Point-of-Care Salivary Testing

Q&A: Digital Dentistry Unveiled: Advancements, ROI, and the Power of Technology

Richard J. Martin, DDS, discusses some of the latest happenings involving CBCT.

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