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Oral Science is Proud to Offer the New EMS Ebook Business Cases

by adminjay

Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) accounts for amazing success enjoyed by dental clinicians around the world. They may come from different regions and cultures but they all speak the same language: The GBT language.

EMS stands for Electro Medical Systems, the market leader in oral prophylaxis and prevention, inventor of the original technologies PIEZON® NO PAIN as well as AIRFLOW® and pioneer of modern biofilm management with the Guided Biofilm Therapy protocol developed with some of the best dental professionals in the world.

This ebook portrays the experience of practitioners around the globe and illustrates how GBT helped them become more effective and successful in terms of:

  • Clinical results
  • Less invasive treatments and better nonsurgical periodontal treatment results
  • A new and pain-free patient experience
  • Enhanced work environment for the clinician
  • Improved recall compliance
  • Change of philosophy: a more prevention-driven practice
  • Business growth: your new GBT prophylaxis department works for you

EMS is the inventor of the original AIRFLOW® and PIEZON® technology since many years, and with this eBook we want to bring Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) closer to you.

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