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Pac-Dent and Carbon Launch Rodin Sculpture

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Pac-Dent and Carbon proudly announce the introduction of Pac-Dent’s Rodin Sculpture to the Carbon platform. Indicated for printing single crowns, inlays, onlay, and veneers, Pac-Dent’s Rodin Sculpture is an FDA 510(k) cleared Class II medical device that fulfills all necessary regulatory requirements for permanent and temporary restorations.

Due to Rodin Sculpture’s unique formulation of over 50% ceramic filler, permanent crowns printed with this ceramic nanohybrid resin qualify for insurance reimbursements under amended ADA insurance codes for 2023.

The high concentration of true ceramic fillers in Rodin Sculpture also provides best-in-class radiopacity and maximum fracture resistance of printed restorations. Rodin Sculpture is available to order in 6 shades, corresponding with the Vita shade guide system, as well as three distinct size configurations.

  • Transform Your All-On-X Workflow: Revolutionize long-term provisional All-On-X restorations with the first Carbon-validated All-On-X resin—designed for premium aesthetics and strength. This unlocks a new printed application on the Carbon platform for dental labs.
  • Digital Meets Artistry: Deliver lifelike dental prosthetics with a workflow that combines digital printing with secondary processing, leveraging your lab’s artistic abilities to create natural and highly aesthetic teeth.
  • Cost-Efficiency in Production: Reduce material waste and production time while delivering high-quality results with a cost-effective process.

Visit https://rodin-3d.com to learn more.

About Pac-Dent

Pac-Dent, Inc. is a dynamic and rapidly expanding wholesale dental product and device company. With over 30 years of industry experience since its establishment in 1992, Pac-Dent has earned a stellar reputation for delivering high-quality, technologically advanced, and innovative products. Specializing in preventive care, 3D resins, restoratives, teeth whitening, endodontics, and infection control segments, Pac-Dent remains at the forefront of the dental industry.

About Carbon

Carbon is a 3D printing technology company helping businesses develop better products and bring them to market in less time. The Carbon DLS process combines versatile printers, advanced software, and best-in-class materials to deliver functional parts with end-use performance and aesthetics, helping engineers and designers create products that outperform expectations. From prototyping and low-volume production to production-at-scale, global organizations use the Carbon process to create a wide range of functional end-use parts and print them reliably through Carbon’s production network partners. Carbon is a venture-backed company headquartered in Redwood City, CA.

To learn more, follow Carbon on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, or visit https://www.carbon3d.com.

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