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Pac-Dent Introduces Rodin All-Purpose Glaze and Palette Naturalizing Kit

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Pac-Dent, Inc. is excited to expand its groundbreaking line of Rodin 3D Resin Printing Materials with the launch of the Rodin All-Purpose Glaze and Rodin Palette Naturalizing Kit at the upcoming LAB DAY WEST show on May 12th and 13th.

Designed to complement 3D printed prefabricated teeth and denture base materials such as Rodin Sculpture and Rodin Denture Base, Rodin Palette Naturalizing Kit is a cutting-edge light curable staining system. This new and innovative system utilizes the same advanced nanotechnology found in Rodin Sculpture to delivers outstanding results, allowing the user to achieve natural-looking and long-lasting restorations patients expect.

Rodin All-Purpose Glaze

Rodin All-Purpose Glaze is a biocompatible, Class II, light-curing resin that has been meticulously designed to deliver a stunning, glossy finish. This versatile glaze seamlessly integrates with all Rodin resin substrates,

ensuring a brilliant and polished surface that effectively improves translucency.

Utilizing the Rodin All-Purpose Glaze offers significant production advantages, such as the effective sealing of micro-fractures that can occur during support removal, enhanced wear resistance, and the elimination of labor-intensive manual polishing, thereby improving production turnaround time. This exceptional glaze is ideally suited for use with indirect composite restorations, direct composite restorations, and provisional devices, all crafted using Rodin’s cutting-edge ceramic resin system technology. Available as a standalone product or as part of the comprehensive Rodin Palette Kit.

Rodin Palette Naturalizing Kit


Designed to streamline the characterization process, the Rodin Palette Naturalizing Kit offers users enhanced control and precision. With an extensive array of colors to enhance 3D printed restorations to emulate the aesthetics of natural teeth, dental professionals can customize restorations to flawlessly match patients’ surrounding teeth, resulting in a seamless and stunning smile. Its ease of use and versatility make it an excellent alternative to conventional porcelain restorations, including zirconia, lithium disilicate, and feldspathic materials.

Features and Benefits of Rodin Palette

  1. Comprehensive color selection enables users to accurately characterize and color match restorations and provisional appliances.
  2. User-friendly application promotes increased productivity.
  3. Offers best-in-class wear resistance.
  4. Exhibits low water sorption and resistance to discoloration.
  5. Recommended for use with light curing systems in combination with nitrogen atmosphere to maximize durability and abrasion resistance.

For more information on Rodin All-Purpose Glaze and Rodin Palette, visit https://Rodin-3d.com.

About Pac-Dent, Inc.

Pac-Dent, Inc. is a rapidly expanding international design, manufacturing, and wholesale dental product and device company. Established in 1992 and celebrating its 30th anniversary, Pac-Dent has built a reputation as one of the most trusted and reliable companies in the dental industry.

The company is dedicated to providing the highest quality, technologically advanced, and innovative products in the preventive, teeth whitening, endodontic, and infection control sectors.

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