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Plus Ultra and Zimba Hit Walmart Shelves Nationwide – Dentistry Today

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Innovating and refreshing its oral care aisle to better appeal to younger beauty and sustainably-minded shoppers, Walmart will begin carrying sister brands Plus Ultra and Zimba this March. Both female-founded and female-run companies, Plus Ultra is the first sustainable brand of eco-friendly replacement heads for electric toothbrushes and oral care products, while Zimba produces a line of affordable, premium, and fun flavored teeth whitening products.

Gen Z and Millennials, which collectively account for close to 43% of the U.S. population (source: Statistica), are making buying decisions based on natural and sustainable choices. Three-quarters of Gen Z consumers consider sustainability more important than brand names, and the same percentage of Millennials are also shifting their buying habits toward eco-conscious products.

Plus Ultra, already sold in such natural retail venues such as Whole Foods Markets, Thrive Market, and Lassens, will make the mainstream leap into approximately 600 Walmart stores nationwide with two of its innovative products: replacement heads made from recycled plastic that are compatible with Philips Sonicare and Oral-B, available in two-packs with plastic-free, FSC paper packaging.

Zimba, whose retail distribution currently includes Sprouts Farmers Markets and Erewhon, will initially enter around 4,500 Walmart stores nationwide with four products: Mint Teeth Whitening Strips (a two-week supply), Coconut Teeth Whitening Strips (a two-week supply), Zimba’s On-the-Go Kit (LED Light + Teeth Whitening Pen), and Zimba’s Ultimate Teeth Whitening Kit (LED Light + Teeth Whitening Pen + Mint Teeth Whitening Strips).

“We are excited by the launch of both brands into Walmart, which marks a very significant step. Younger consumers especially, Millennials and Gen Z, are seeking new affordable, sustainable lifestyle products to become part of their everyday personal care routines, and Plus Ultra and Zimba resonate with shoppers who care about product efficacy and the planet,” said Christina Ramirez, Founder of Plus Ultra and President of both brands.

About Plus Ultra

PLUS ULTRA is redefining oral care. Plus Ultra creates natural, sustainable, beautiful oral care for every smile. They are rooted in inclusivity, eco-conscious production, and philanthropy. Because taking care of our planet makes them smile. PLUS ULTRA’s innovative and natural oral care products are available nationally in over 8,000 grocery store chains, hotels, airlines, and retailers across the US. Visit livePLUSULTRA.com to learn more.

About Zimba

Zimba makes at-home whitening accessible and affordable because everyone deserves to smile confidently. Zimba wants to provide everyone with the opportunity to access their best and healthiest smile using minimal and effective ingredients. They designed the best-in-class whitening products at the most affordable prices—up to 60% less than other brands. Formulated for reduced tooth sensitivity, its products include whitening strips, whitening kits, pens, powders, and LED lights. Visit shopzimba.com to learn more.

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