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SaVia Health Raises Funding to Optimize Patient Care Pathways

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SaVia Health, a clinician-led healthcare SaaS company that creates and embeds patient care processes alongside electronic medical records (EMR), announced it raised an $8.5 million seed round. The round was led by Intel Capital with participation from Kickstart, Peterson Ventures, Tom Burton, the founder of Health Catalyst, and Dr. Brent James, a professor at Stanford and renowned luminary in the healthcare quality improvement field.

SaVia Health was founded by a clinician, Dr. Will Caldwell, and a group of veteran healthcare software engineers led by David Edwards based in Salt Lake City, UT, seeking to provide clinicians with the ability to self-author clinical care pathways and provide clinical advice at the point of care.

SaVia Health Raises $8.5 Million Seed Round to Optimize Patient Care Pathways

“When I first saw clinicians using the SaVia tools, I knew the platform was something special. Never in my 21 years of clinical practice have I seen a piece of technology so fiercely embraced by clinicians,” said Dr. Will Caldwell, co-founder and CEO of SaVia Health. “Clinicians can finally design, implement, and modify care processes in a way that mirrors the rapidly evolving clinical landscape.”

“SaVia is a game changer when it comes to process redesign that enables deep operational and clinical improvement,” said Tom Burton, co-founder and strategic advisor of Health Catalyst. “With SaVia, dynamic workflow data capture changes can be made in minutes rather than weeks or months accelerating the speed of process improvement.”

Today, SaVia Health provides clinicians and administrators with a versatile software tool that transforms paper-based care processes into digital workflows, embedding them directly into the EMR. As a result, clinicians have real-time clinical advice at their fingertips. By standardizing care along best practice guidelines, mistakes are avoided and patients achieve better outcomes.

“Intermountain [Healthcare] caregivers have been using SaVia’s technology for years to provide the best possible care to our patients. SaVia’s tools enable front-line caregivers to consistently deliver best practices as part of their clinical workflows,” said Raj Srivastava, senior medical executive director at Intermountain Healthcare Delivery Institute. “We are thrilled to continue partnering with SaVia as an independent company to continue improving patient outcomes.”

“Patient care faces several challenges, including smoothly integrating the latest technology into existing processes,” said Nick Washburn, senior managing director at Intel Capital. “SaVia is seamlessly changing the game for clinicians by translating data into guidance on what steps to take and when to best serve each patient.”

With this funding round, the company will further develop the self-authoring platform, expand its existing library of off-the-shelf applications, and focus on rapidly driving sales.

About SaVia Health

SaVia Health is a healthcare technology company based in Salt Lake City, UT that provides SaaS based process improvement software targeted at health systems, self-insured corporations, and large physician groups both in the United States and abroad.

To learn more, visit saviahealth.com.

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