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SDM Northcoast Announces New SDM Analytics Software Upgrade

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SDM Northcoast is thrilled to announce the launch of its new SDM Analytics software upgrade, designed to assist customers in analyzing the extensive dental industry data captured in its network.

SDM Northcoast’s data providers represent more than 90% of all dental consumable and dental equipment transactions sold through distribution in the United States. Customers can access dental revenue, units sold, average price, and market share information for over 900 dental manufacturers and more than 11,000 brands every month. SDM Northcoast stands as the exclusive source of this information in the United States.

On December 4, 2023, SDM Northcoast will introduce a new web-based upgrade to the SDM Analytics software, promising an enhanced experience for its customers. Notable improvements include an immediately noticeable user interface upgrade, enabling 3x larger and 6x faster data queries. The upgrade also incorporates improved data visualization tools, the ability to construct pivot tables within the query, custom columns and formulas within the portal, and larger and faster data downloading capabilities. Additionally, users will find it easier to build dashboards featuring customized dental data that automatically update each month as new data arrives in the portal. Lastly, the new software adds extra security features to safeguard against unauthorized data access.

“We are very excited for our customers to experience the new SDM Analytics platform” said Edwin Snyder, CEO of SDM Northcoast. “For nearly 30 years, SDM Northcoast has always had the premier dataset in the dental industry, now this new SDM Analytics software upgrade will help customers easily analyze the 250 million lines of dental industry data in our network allowing our customers to make better business decisions and accelerate growth rates.”

SDM Northcoast customers will automatically receive this upgrade at no additional charge.

About SDM Northcoast, LLC

SDM was established in 1994 and has served the dental industry as the leading provider of qualitative and quantitative research services. SDM collects monthly retail sales data from dental product distributors and has been primarily recognized for its publication of the Dental Products Market Share Study (DPMSS) which analyzes growth for thousands of dental products.

In February 2019, SDM merged with Northcoast Data Analytics to form SDM Northcoast, expanding the company’s analytical capabilities.

The mission of SDM Northcoast is to help dental customers make informed business decisions by providing access and analysis of the most comprehensive, accurate, and timely dental industry data available anywhere.

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