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Sonendo Announces Second Annual EndoCon

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Sonendo, Inc. (NYSE: SONX), a leading dental technology company and developer of the GentleWave System, has announced its second annual EndoCon, a nationally recognized endodontic conference focused on innovation. Taking place in San Diego at the Manchester Grand Hyatt from October 20-22, the three-day event will offer clinical and practice management lectures and workshops, continuing education (CE) credits and hands-on learning opportunities for clinicians, staff and postgrad residents.

Those interested in attending the event can register here.

The keynote speakers, Joel Goldberg and Jessica Metcalfe, DMD, will lead meaningful sessions on building culture and trust within a team, the implications of burnout in dentistry, how to re-adjust your practice strategy when stress is building and more. Additional speakers will include best-in-class and industry renowned clinicians such as Dr. Marcus Haapasalo, Dr. David Clark, Dr. John Khademi, Dr. Mark Limosani and Dr. James Smith.

They will cover topics ranging from reviewing unknown canal anatomy, efficiency in endodontics, non-instrumentation, leveraging technology to save broken down teeth and more.

Additionally, special events will include a Welcome Reception, Resident and Program Director Luncheon, Evening Dinner with entertainment and a Women in Endo Luncheon, led by Dr. Terryl Propper. The full conference schedule can be viewed here.

“On behalf of the entire Sonendo team, we are fortunate to support an event as unique and interactive as EndoCon,” said Bjarne Bergheim, President and CEO of Sonendo. “With the help of our speakers, master clinicians and endodontic thought leaders, EndoCon aims to provide an enriching experience for every level of GentleWave user, as well as give all attending endodontists and their teams access to decades worth of experience and knowledge. Thanks to our impressive speakers and clinicians, this event will serve as an exciting way for thought leaders and attendees to connect on a deeper level and discuss the newest developments and innovations in endodontics.”

Last year, more than 400 members of the global endodontic industry gathered for the conference.

To learn more and register for the event, please visit https://endocon.com.

About Sonendo

Sonendo is a commercial-stage medical technology company focused on saving teeth from tooth decay, the most prevalent chronic disease globally. Sonendo developed and manufactures the GentleWave System, an innovative technology platform designed to treat tooth decay by cleaning and disinfecting the microscopic spaces within teeth without the need to remove tooth structure. The system utilizes a proprietary mechanism of action, which combines procedure fluid optimization, broad-spectrum acoustic energy, and advanced fluid dynamics to debride and disinfect deep regions of the complex root canal system in a less invasive procedure that preserves tooth structure.

The clinical benefits of the GentleWave System, when compared to conventional methods of root canal treatment, include improved clinical outcomes, such as superior cleaning that is independent of root canal complexity and tooth anatomy, high and rapid rates of healing and minimal to no post-operative pain. In addition, the GentleWave System can help improve the workflow and economics of dental practices while offering patients an effective, less invasive, and less painful alternative to traditional root canal treatment.

Sonendo is also the parent company of TDO Software, the developer of widely used endodontic practice management software solutions, designed to simplify practice workflow. TDO Software integrates practice management, imaging, referral reporting and CBCT imaging, and offers built-in communication with the GentleWave System.

For more information about Sonendo and the GentleWave System, please visit www.sonendo.com.

To find a GentleWave doctor in your area, please visit www.gentlewave.com.

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