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Spear Education Releases New Endodontics Workshop Curriculum Series

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The new Endodontics Workshop Curriculum series for general practitioners from Spear Education teaches dentists how to preserve their patients’ natural teeth while reducing their pain. Spanning from foundational to advanced skills, this series consists of two immersive workshops conducted over four days at Spear’s state-of-the-art facility in Scottsdale, Ariz. By investing in an extended weekend at Spear, general practitioners will acquire the expertise needed to confidently perform endodontics starting Monday morning. The first workshop in this series, Predictability in Clinical Endodontics, lays the foundation for performing endodontic therapy predictably.

Spear Education Releases New Endodontics Workshop Curriculum Series

Through a step-by-step workflow demonstrated in numerous hands-on exercises, dentists will gain invaluable insights. Topics covered include comprehensive diagnosis and treatment planning, access preparation, glid path formation, final shaping, and obturation. The second workshop, Advanced Clinical Endodontics, builds upon the concepts covered in the first workshop and delves into more complex clinical challenges. Topics include calcification, tight/tricky anatomy, and ledges. Through this workshop, dentists will gain a deeper understanding of these advanced subjects, enhancing their clinical endodontic skills.

Both workshops will be led by new Spear resident faculty member, Matthew Chesler, DDS, a distinguished professional in the field of endodontics with extensive knowledge and practical experience.

“We’ve put something together that I feel is really special,” explained Dr. Chesler. “This course comes from a culmination of not only my clinical experience and knowledge, but others who have influenced me along the way. I deliver my course like I would like to take a course, which is focused on clinical relevance with lessons that directly translate into better clinical performance. These lessons are backed by the endodontic literature for an evidence-based guide to clinical success. Whether you have a vast degree of endodontic experience or you’re new to the game, everyone will leave more confident in their ability to perform endodontic therapy.”

Workshop participants are able and encouraged to take both workshops within the same weekend for a comprehensive learning experience.

For more information, visit Spear’s Endodontics Workshop Curriculum series web page, including available dates, or contact a Spear campus advisor at 866-781-0072.

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