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Spear Enterprise Announces Strategic Partnership with Gen4 Dental Partners

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Spear Enterprise, a leading provider of comprehensive dental education and support services, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Gen4 Dental Partners, a rapidly growing and innovative dental service organization.

As part of this collaboration, Gen4 Dental Partners’ dentists will gain access to Spear Enterprise’s tailored curriculum, specifically designed to support company goals. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to tap into Spear’s extensive library of over 1,500 hours of continuing education materials developed by Spear’s world-renowned faculty.

Dr. Mitch Ellingson, CCO of Gen4 Dental Partners, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, “This is one of those pivotal moments for our great profession. All our doctors and their teams are committed to performing the highest quality dentistry possible. With Gen4 joining forces with Spear, we are able to provide world-class training opportunities to all our dentists and their teams. The best part is that it’s the patients who truly benefit from this partnership. A big thank you to Matthew Coggins and Dr. Steve Ratcliff for working to make this a reality.”

Gen4 Dental Partners was founded with a mission to challenge the status quo in the dental consolidation space. Led by a team committed to providing world-class support to leading providers of dental services, Gen4 empowers dentists and their teams to practice dentistry in their own unique way while benefiting from unparalleled financial and operational support.

Spear Enterprise, a part of Spear Education, is a leading provider of dental education and support services to Dental Service Organizations (DSOs), committed to empowering dental professionals with the knowledge and skills to enhance patient care. With a focus on customized curricula and a vast library of continuing education materials, Spear Enterprise is dedicated to driving excellence in the field of dentistry.

To learn more about how your organization can partner with Spear Enterprise, visit https://content.speareducation.com/spear-enterprise.

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