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Stabili-Teeth Announces Organizational Change and Closing of Funding Round

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Stabili-Teeth is pleased to announce a significant organizational change and the successful closing of its seed funding round. These developments mark a pivotal moment in the company’s journey towards revolutionizing dental care and enhancing the lives of millions by making full-mouth dental restoration possible for patients suffering from terminal tooth loss at a fraction of the cost of alternatives in today’s market.

Organizational Updates

Stabili-Teeth is thrilled to introduce Jason Babik as our new CEO. Jason brings a wealth of experience in building businesses for sustainable growth and profitability. His visionary leadership and strategic acumen will guide the company towards achieving its mission of making life-changing dental care accessible to all.

Jason expressed his enthusiasm for the role, stating, “I’m excited to be a part of Stabili-Teeth and its game changing solution to improve the lives of patients while improving the service offerings for dental practitioners across the country. Our team is committed to delivering unparalleled innovation and value to our patients and partners and I’d like to thank our founders, Dr. Carl Medgaus and Bari Medgaus, for creating such an incredible foundation for our future success.”

Going forward, Bari Medgaus will assume the role of chief marketing and clinical success officer with a focus on helping our doctors leverage the Stabili-Teeth solution to unlock unprecedented value for their practices. Dr. Medgaus, Stabili-Teeth founder and inventor, will continue in his role as chief innovation and training officer and remain chairman of the board of directors.

Stabili-Teeth is also proud to announce Mr. Carey Lyons will join our board of directors, effective immediately. After decades of success in founding, building and growing companies in the dental industry and the implant market, his guidance and expertise will help to ensure success in the next chapter of the Stabili-Teeth story.

Closing Seed Funding Round

Stabili-Teeth is also proud to announce the successful closing of its seed funding round from prominent angel investors. This minority round of funding will play a crucial role in accelerating growth and commercialization of Stabili-Teeth nationwide.

Dr. Medgaus commented on the funding achievement, saying, “We are humbled and grateful for the trust our investors have placed in Stabili-Teeth. This capital injection will enable us to expand our sales and operations team to help our Stabili-Teeth licensees achieve new levels of success and patient engagement. ”

About Stabili-Teeth Inc.

The company offers a full mouth restoration solution that gives patients immediate full functionality and exceptional aesthetics at less than half the cost of the alternative of full arch fixed detachable solutions on the market. This innovative protocol allows Doctors to address a far greater portion of the market, requiring less of a doctor’s and patient’s time. The company is the solution to democratize access to fully functioning teeth and a beautiful smile for the long term, improving a patient’s holistic health and confidence.

For more information, visit www.stabili-teeth.com.

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