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Tasty Picks Makes History with First-Ever $1 Million Reward on Kickstarter

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Tasty Picks, the innovative brand offering enjoyable eco-friendly wooden dental picks in three rich flavors, is gearing up for an extraordinary Kickstarter campaign. This groundbreaking crowdfunding initiative, featuring a $1 million reward, is set to launch on October 14th.

Kickstarter defines a ‘reward’ as an item offered by a project creator to backers/supporters in exchange for their financial support. These rewards are typically offered at different pledge levels, with backers receiving more significant rewards for higher pledges. In this case, the top ‘reward’ is 2,500,000 Tasty Picks packs for a $1 million pledge.

A Sustainable Approach to Oral Care

Tasty Picks redefines oral care by offering eco-conscious dental picks crafted from abundant biodegradable basswood, rather than single-use plastic. These picks come in recyclable packaging. Suitable for both adults and children, Tasty Picks offers a choice of three bold infused flavors: Orange, Mint, or Cinnamon, making them fun and enjoyable.

The $1 Million Reward

Tasty Picks’ Kickstarter campaign includes a historic $1 million reward, with backers receiving:

  • 2,500,000 Customized Tasty Picks Packs of 40 Picks Each: Branded with the buyer’s logo and more, these packets are ideal for businesses seeking to promote their brand through an eco-friendly and shareable oral care product.
  • Customized QR Funnel: A central component of Tasty Picks’ innovative Smart Eco-Rewards Connectivity Marketing System is the personalized QR Funnel. It guides users to the buyer’s dynamic digital destination (changeable at will), enhancing promotional and marketing efforts and bolstering brand recognition.
  • Significant Savings: Backers will enjoy substantial savings of $125,000 off the list price for these customized packs.
  • Eco-Friendly Retreat Bonus: Valued at $10,000, this immersive overseas getaway-for-two at an exotic destination blends holistic wellness with eco-travel exploration.

The Tasty Picks Mission

Tasty Picks aims to upgrade the oral care industry by promoting an eco-friendly and enjoyable oral hygiene practice with a product that is both ecological and desirable.

“It took an immense amount of product development to optimize Tasty Picks, and we are thrilled to offer a way to reduce single-use plastic,” said co-founder, David Vizel.

Ron Bazar and David Vizel (Ron’s grandson), co-founders of Tasty Picks, bring together a unique synergy. With a half-century of difference in their ages, they form a dynamic duo that blends youthful insights and technological acumen with decades of seasoned business expertise.

The Eco-Friendly Oral Care Movement

Tasty Picks’ Kickstarter campaign launches on October 14, offering rewards for eco-conscious individuals, businesses, and marketers. Whether seeking enjoyable oral care, an eco-friendly dental care product, or enhanced promotional marketing through customized Tasty Picks’ Smart Eco-Rewards Connectivity Marketing System, there’s a reward for every supporter starting at $3.

To view a pre-launch of the Kickstarter campaign, please visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tastypicks/tasty-picks-enjoyable-eco-friendly-oral-care?ref=6nkete&token=0af74aa4.

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