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TempStars Enhances Software to Make Dental Temping Easier

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TempStars announced its release of a new software interface for dental offices as well as hygienists and dental assistants.

“Since TempStars was founded almost ten years ago, our technology has been the empowering centerpiece of our service as we continue to be the leaders and innovators in the dental temping and hiring space,” said Dr. James Younger, the founder and CEO of TempStars. “Nothing has changed with our commitment, which this 5.0 version demonstrates.”

Among the features are:

  • Backend optimization for all;
  • Backend/stripe optimization for offices to make the credit card process is easier, cleaner, and more efficient;
  • Simplified posting flow for offices so it’s quicker, cleaner, yet still has all the necessary information, for offices and dental professionals, before anyone needs to make a commitment;
  • “Pay Now” feature available now in the United States;
  • A new, cleaner look and feel to the technology; and
  • A new sign-up flow to make it easier for members to join our community.

TempStars’ technology-first approach has clearly gained traction in the U.S., where it expanded its services a few years ago. In fact, it recently celebrated a significant benchmark in that expansion, announcing earlier this year that it has now contracted with 500 dental offices spread across eight states.

The company also announced that almost 2,000 dental assistants and hygienists have enrolled in its service in the U.S., creating a vast pool of highly qualified candidates for the dental offices.

“We wouldn’t be where we are today had we not listened to our customers and used that input to design and create a better, more efficient technology platform for dental offices, hygienists, and dental assistants,” said Dr. Younger.

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