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The Invisalign Expert – doing it Miway

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Sandeep Kumar outlines the ideal Invisalign journey and explains what his Mastering Your Invisalign Business course involves.

There comes a time when even the most successful dentist stops and asks themselves ‘what next?’

Maybe you’ve grown your practice to the maximum size possible for your present location. Perhaps you’d like to branch out into new cosmetic treatments, but are not sure where to start. Maybe you want to reach Invisalign Diamond Provider status but feel you’ve reached a glass ceiling.

Your ambition excites you, but you have absolutely no idea how to get there.

Mastering Your Invisalign Business

Dr Sandeep Kumar, founder and CEO of Mismile is running a one of a kind, new immersive education experience – ‘Mastering Your Invisalign Business’. Here he shares his secrets to help you reach your goals.

The experience is based on Sandeep’s simple five-point model – Miway.

The Miway model has evolved through Sandeep’s personal experience of offering Invisalign in his clinics over the past 15 years.

During this time, he experimented with lots of ways of marketing, training and creating the ideal patient journey. As well as developing a dashboard system that would give him instant access to business performance and highlight where to improve things.

Sandeep has found over the years that the difference between good and great Invisalign providers lies in the little things that give a practice an edge. The same applies, no matter what your ambition is.

The five elements encapsulate both the mindset and the practicalities that need to underpin your growth journey. It serves as a valuable checklist to help you reach your goal, whatever that is.


Your mission sits behind everything your practice does. It defines the purpose of your business, informs stakeholders and enables strategy development.

In simple terms, it’s the reason your practice exists. Knowing this, and making sure your team know this too will therefore give you the focus you need.


One of the first rules of running your practice is that your patients and your prospects understand what your practice represents.

Defining your external image, and executing that succinctly both in practice and online will help differentiate you from your competition.


Putting yourself in the shoes of your target audience will help you to deliver against, and more importantly, exceed their expectations.

Focus on small wows. Give them an exemplary service and those small yes’s and little wows will ultimately lead to an increase in patient conversion.


Your aim should be to build and nurture a great team. Look after them so well they go out of their way to wow your patients at each step of their journey.

Leverage the strengths each of your team members bring and ensure you put them in the right role that not only works for you, but ultimately for them too.


Bringing your ambition to fruition is down to you.

Getting the external factors right is one thing, but if your personal drive isn’t behind it, that goal will seem untouchable.

Think about what you want, where your strengths lie and how you can lead your team to success.

Sharing the secrets of success

The one-day session led fully by Dr Sandeep allows you to explore these elements in-depth and define a plan for each that works for you.

The event runs every month, kicking off with a classroom session in a central Birmingham venue. This is then followed by a two-hour live patient journey demonstration at his flagship Mismile HQ. You can learn how to emulate Dr Kumar’s patient journey in a clinic setting.

The experience is open to practice owners and associates who can demonstrate ambition and a hunger to grow. Because of its highly immersive nature, the sessions are limited to 10 delegates.

Dr Kumar says: ‘I built my first practice into the UK’s first Invisalign-only clinic.

‘Now, this is just one of my million-pound practices. I launched the Mismile network after innumerable requests by other practitioners who wanted to emulate my Invisalign story.

‘Now, I am sharing the secrets of my success, helping you grow your own business. And I am also including a personal promise for guaranteed results.’

One of the first delegates to complete the experience, Hay Barlow from Chelsea Private Dentist, said of his experience: ‘Thank you for such an informative day.

‘I don’t think Dr Sandeep could have made the experience any simpler. Practically holding our hands and showing us how it is done in his practice, shows his passion, belief and commitment in what he can offer me and the other dentists.

‘He was believable and he also re-ignited the passion I had for Invisalign back in 2006.’

Dan Gallagher, Align Technology general manager GP channel UK and Ireland adds: ‘Mastering your Invisalign Business experience is a unique opportunity for GDPs to discover new strategies and tactics they can use to help them drive their Invisalign businesses forward and boost profitability.’

For more information and to submit your application visit www.masteringinvisalign.co.uk.

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