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Ti-Max Z990L: A Handpiece Built for Power & Comfort

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Innovation and quality define NSK’s products, including the company’s newest handpieces

If you’re not buying an air-driven handpiece from the right company, you may regret your purchase.  That’s why Dr. Ron Kaminer works with NSK. “They stand behind their products like nobody else,” he said. That includes the company’s newest, most powerful air-driven handpieces—the updated Ti-Max Z Series, which includes the Z990L, Z890L, and the Z micro.

A Cut Above

“All air-driven handpieces cut,” said Dr. Kaminer. “The question is, what happens when you have to cut something that’s really hard or difficult to cut through, like metal or zirconia?”

NSK’s Ti-Max Z990L answers that question with its 44-watt turbine and DYNAMIC POWER SYSTEM, both of which help to remove zirconia, shorten proce- dure time, and ensure improved patient comfort.  The DYNAMIC POWER SYSTEM uses innovative fluid simulation software to efficiently convert air into the power of the turbine from 23 watts to 44 watts.

The instrument’s enlarged exhaust groove quickly discharges air delivered by the similarly enlarged rotor bucket, which improves the torque achieved at lower rpms. In addition, the extended cylindrical nozzle converts air power into efficient rotational power, with the expanded surface of the rotor blade increasing the area that’s exposed to air.  NSK designed the Ti-Max Z990L (as well as the Z890L) using its proprietary DURAPOWER CHUCK technology. The wedge shape grips the bur firmly and continuously to prevent it from slipping.


Benefits of Speed

“One of the things that’s totally overlooked by many dentists is when your handpiece slows down or stops,” said Dr. Kaminer. “If you’re not getting the torque and power you need, you’re going to generate heat, which is going to lead to potential handpiece damage or discomfort for the patient, and it’s going to slow you down.

“The huge advantage of a handpiece like this that’s air-driven is that it’s much quicker,” he continued. “It’s not slowing down and it’s also not delivering the heat that you might get from the slowdown of other handpieces.”

A handpiece that slows down can potentially damage the instrument itself and also might inflict harm to tooth structure. “Imagine cutting off a porcelain- fused-to metal crown and delivering heat to that,” explained Dr. Kaminer. “Despite the water spray and everything else, the slowdown will deliver some heat that could raise the temperature a bit inside the tooth and potentially cause damage. It’s unlikely, but the potential definitely exists.” The power and speed of the Ti-Max Z990L prevent that potential damage.

A Good Fit

How a handpiece feels in the hand is critical. Many powerful handpieces feel heavy, which results in fatigue and potential hand and wrist injury. However, despite all of the power and energy behind the Ti-Max Z990L, it weighs 20% less than other handpieces.

“NSK is about innovation,” said Dr. Kaminer. “They realize that the industry  is changing and that 55% to 60% of dental students are women, who may have smaller hands than men. A lighter handpiece definitely benefits everyone by reducing the risks of carpal tunnel syndrome, but it also will benefit anyone with smaller hands. Delivering the power and yet being more than 20% lighter is a huge, huge advantage.”

During manufacturing, NSK blasts the surface of the handpiece’s pure titanium body to create microsurface unevenness. It then adds a layer of its DURAGRIP nonslip and scratch-resistant coating.  In addition to resisting scratches and improving durability, the uneven surface enhances user comfort.

“Water spray can sometimes get the handpiece wet,” explained Dr. Kaminer. “Having texture is always beneficial so the handpiece won’t slip out of your hand.”

Ticking the Boxes

For Dr. Kaminer, NSK and its Ti-Max Z990L handpiece tick all of the boxes. “Some would say that a handpiece is a handpiece. Anytime you’re doing crown and bridge or operative restorative dentistry you’re going to use a handpiece like this,” he said. “I think the advantage is that if you’re cutting off 4 or 5 crowns or doing a lot of crown and bridge, you want something with power. On a long appointment, you want something that weighs less and has a lot of power. The Ti-Max Z990L does both.”


The handpiece features the following innovative technologies:


New system features an enlarged exhaust port, optimized nozzle design, and enlarged rotor bucket to achieve high rotational power.



New design furnished with a high-speed rotation emergency stop function on the front and back of the air turbine head reduces the risk of intraoral entrapment and suck-back.



New chuck provides a sustained gripping force to reduce the risk of a bur slipping compared to conventional models.






Ron Kaminer DDS

A 1990 graduate from SUNY at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine, Dr. Kaminer maintains 2 practices, one in Hewlett, NY, and one in Oceanside, NY.  He has lectured on lasers and minimally invasive dentistry both nationally and internationally. He is the Director of the Masters of Laser training program in New York and is a clinical instructor with the International College of Laser Education.  Dr. Kaminer maintains a teaching appointment at Peninsula General Hospital in Far Rockaway, NY. He sits on the advisory boards and is a clinical consultant for numerous dental manufacturers.  He has authored numerous articles on dental lasers and minimally invasive dentistry and is a member of Dental Product Shopper’s editorial advisory board.


This article originally appeared in Dental Product Shopper.

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