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Torch Dental Launches Partnership With Chicago Dental Society Ahead of Chicago Midwinter 2024

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Torch Dental, a leading technology platform for dental supply and equipment discovery, ordering, and spend management, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with the Chicago Dental Society (CDS), a prominent organization dedicated to promoting oral health and advancing the dental profession in the state.

Torch Dental Launches Partnership with Chicago Dental Society Ahead of Chicago Midwinter 2024

This partnership marks an important step forward in the pursuit of dental innovation, combining Torch Dental’s cutting-edge platform with the CDS’ commitment to delivering high-quality, innovative programs that promote the art and science of dentistry across the Greater Chicago area. Torch Dental will be exhibiting at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting (Booth #3837) from February 22nd to 24th, 2024, to showcase the new partnership and partner with dental providers in the region.

Torch Dental has gained a reputation for its state-of-the-art software solutions designed to streamline dental practice operations, simplify supply and equipment ordering, and optimize spending. Their comprehensive suite of tools encompasses custom product preference dashboards, supply and equipment order recommendations, spend management visibility, robust analytics reporting, and more. By leveraging cloud technology and building user-friendly interfaces, Torch Dental has become a trusted partner for 2,000+ dental practices seeking to modernize their operations, so they can focus on delivering exceptional patient care.

The Chicago Dental Society, representing a vast network of dental professionals across the Greater Chicago area, has been a driving force in promoting oral health awareness and advocating for policies that benefit both practitioners and patients. Through this partnership, CDS members will gain access to Torch Dental’s comprehensive suite of products, including procurement solutions, spend management, and practice analytics.

“I am excited for the opportunity to partner with the Chicago Dental Society for a few reasons. First, it’s my hometown! Second, the team has been a pleasure to work with over the past several months, and their local branches are so welcoming. I know that by combining our expertise with the CDS’ commitment to advancing dental care, we’ll really elevate dental practice supply and equipment management in the Greater Chicago area and beyond,” said Jordyn Levitas, head of strategic partnerships at Torch Dental.

The collaboration will also involve joint initiatives, educational programs, and events aimed at fostering knowledge exchange and professional growth among dental practitioners. Torch Dental and the Chicago Dental Society will work hand in hand to create opportunities for networking, continuing education, and collaborative endeavors that will benefit the dental community at large.

“Torch Dental adds such a strong company to our Member Advantage program,” said Dr. David Lewis Jr., CDS president. “CDS is very fortunate to have a dedicated partner in Torch Dental who is so committed to the dental community.”

The Torch Dental and Chicago Dental Society partnership exemplifies a shared commitment to advancing dental care through innovation, education, and collaboration. Together, we aim to empower dental professionals in Chicago and beyond to thrive in an ever-evolving healthcare landscape.

About Torch Dental

Torch Dental is a leading provider of cutting-edge dental practice management software. Their comprehensive suite of tools empowers dental professionals to streamline operations, enhance patient care, and optimize productivity. Torch Dental reviews dental practices’ needs and delivers innovative solutions that transform dental practice operations and set new industry standards. Torch Dental will be exhibiting at booth #3837 at the Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting. For more information, visit www.torchdental.com.

About the Chicago Dental Society

Trust a Chicago Dental Society (CDS) dentist with more than just your smile. Talk with them and you’ll see their work is an investment in not just your oral health, but your overall health. They are current on the dental trends and technology through extensive CDS continuing education programs, including the Midwinter Meeting. The largest local component of the American Dental Association, the non-profit Chicago Dental Society represents dentists across the Chicago region. They’re your neighbors, friends and community anchors. Connect with the Chicago Dental Society at cds.org/smile, where you’ll find our easy-to-navigate Find a CDS Dentist search tool.

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