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Transforming Every Day Endodontics: 5 Compelling Reasons for Choosing the X-Smart® Pro+ Endo Motor with Integrated Apex Locator

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In the ever-evolving landscape of dental technology, Dentsply Sirona maintains its position as a leader in dental excellence. Their unwavering commitment to quality continually challenges competitors in this rapidly changing space. One prime example of their dedication to dental excellence is the X-Smart Pro+® portable motor (Figure #1), a modernized endo motor with an integrated apex locator.

Figure 1: New X-Smart Pro+ Endodontic Motor


Here are five compelling reasons why I recently started using this device in my busy endo practice:

  1. Optimal Efficiency and Precision: The X-Smart Pro+ motor combines precision and efficiency, making it a standout in the world of endodontics. Equipped with a 10-lumen integrated LED, a mini contra-angle, and a 360° adjustable position, it offers superior visibility and access during my root canal procedures. The ergonomic design allows for enhanced comfort, while the removable and autoclavable handpiece metal sheath reduces waste (often seen with disposable plastic barriers) and complies with the latest infection control guidelines. Its battery can support a full day of procedures* and, if needed, can be recharged in less than 1.5 hours, even during treatment.

In my personal experience in clinical practice using the X-Smart Pro+, we have been able to significantly reduce procedure time, while maintaining precision and accuracy in reaching the apex.

  1. Intuitive User Interface and Customizability: This German-manufactured and designed motor comes equipped with intuitive menus and a large 7-inch touchscreen interface, which is easy to clean.  It includes a comprehensive file library with preset settings for Dentsply Sirona files, as well as the option to customize up to 30 file sequences (for those clinicians who prefer a custom file sequence like I do in my office). Future file systems will be able to be easily accommodated with simple software updates, accessible through a Wi-Fi connection.

My favorite files are the SX orifice opener, the Slider and the Super Shaper (SS) found in the ProTaper Ultimate sequence. In those cases where the SS doesn’t advance smoothly to the apical terminus without pushing on it with deleterious force, I move straight to the S1 and S2 found in the ProTaper Gold sequence to internally sculpt my way to the apical length.  I then finish the apical 1/3rd in most cases with an F1 and sometimes an F2 and F3 from the ProTaper Ultimate series. I have customized this sequence into the X-Smart Pro+ so I don’t have to waste time going back and forth between the already programmed presets.

  1. Optimized Compatibility:  Designed to optimize the performance of all Dentsply Sirona’s endodontic file systems, including ProTaper Gold, ProTaper Ultimate, WaveOne Gold, and TruNatomy, the X-Smart® Pro+ motor ensures seamless compatibility. With an integrated apex locator and Dynamic Accuracy technology, the motor delivers optimal performance in both rotary and reciprocating modes, with the ability to reach up to 7.5 Ncm and 3,000 rpm.  The motor is designed to streamline workflows thereby maximizing efficiency for endodontic procedures.
  2. Sensorless Speed and Torque Feedback: Unlike the periodic feedback of brush and sensor-based motor control, the X-Smart Pro+ employs a patented sensorless system for 360° speed and torque feedback, to enable a safer procedure. In reciprocating motion, it reaches the apex an average of 21% faster** than its competitors, and in continuous rotary motion, it is 14% faster**.  This more stable file control provides a more predictable shaping experience. Having this sensorless system not only provides a more efficient procedure but also a safer procedure with the confidence of less chance of instrument separation. Having this level of confidence gives me great piece of mind!
  3. Dynamic Accuracy™ for Precise Measurements: The X-Smart Pro+ motor incorporates Dynamic Accuracy™ technology, enabling direct length measurement during active shaping while the automatic auto-reverse function keeps the file on the desired target. The same accuracy is achieved in length measurement during recapitulating as with a conventional manual measurement method with the hand file.
Figure 2: Integrated Apex Locator Screen

The working length tends to shorten with canal preparation, as the enlarged canal provides a straighter path to the apical foramen. With this in mind, I often take several working length measurements during the procedure so that my NiTi shaping files stay within the confines of the root canal space.  I typically perform this with my tabletop apex locator multiple times during the procedure. This repetitive exercise can often become tedious, laborious and time consuming.  The integration of the apex locator in the X-Smart® Pro+ has improved my workflow efficiency and decreased procedure time as I no longer have to interrupt my procedure to take a length measurement with a stand-alone apex locator. The X-Smart Pro+ endo motor allows the treatment to be more efficient as the apical limit is continuously monitored during the shaping of the canals thereby preventing over instrumentation (Figure #2).

The following clinical case highlights how the use of this new motor, with all the new features and enhancements, improved the efficiency and predictability in my office.

A 47 year old female with an unremarkable medical history presented to my office with the chief complaint of severe hot and cold sensitivity that lingered for several minutes, reproducing her pain, on tooth #17. #17 was diagnosed with irreversible pulpitis with normal apical tissues. As you can see from the pre-op radiograph tooth #17 is distally inclined which make access very challenging. The 10-lumen integrated LED and the mini contra-angle handpiece offered excellent visibility and access during my procedure. I was able to place my SX, Slider, Super Shaper and F1 from the ProTaper Ultimate series effortlessly in each of the canals providing me with a smooth pathway right down to all of their respective apices (Figure #3A and #3B)

Figure 3A: PreOp
Figure 3B: PostOp





My final irrigation protocol for smear layer removal included NaOCI and Q-Mix EDTA agitated and activated with the new SmartLite Pro EndoActivator (Figure #4).

Figure 4: SmartLite Pro EndoActivator

In a world with continual research and development, many devices enter the market every day. Excellent endodontic clinicians know how important it is to find ways to improve their technique and will keep reaching for outstanding products. This is why the X-Smart Pro+ is a game changer in terms of time gain for clinicians. It is a functional improvement due to the updated Dentsply Sirona design. The X-Smart Pro+ portable motor is also a wise investment since it will improve the ease and effectiveness of root canal treatment and streamline workflows, while adding great value to your practice whether you are a beginner or an expert.

*10 treatments of 2 canals with 4 files per canal

**Compared to most leading competitive motors using ProTaper Ultimate and WaveOneGold files. Internal data on file at Dentsply Sirona. For more information, contact Consumables-Data-Requests@dentsplysirona.com

Dr. Glassman is a Consultant for Dentsply Sirona.

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