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Tyler Baluke Assumes Leadership of the CAD/CAM Department for Baluke Dental Studios

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From birth, Tyler Baluke was immersed in the dental industry, particularly within the realm of dental labs. His grandfather, Walter Baluke, co-founded Shaw Dental Lab, and his father Duane Baluke founded Baluke Dental Studios. As a third-generation Registered Dental Technologist, Tyler feels that following in his family’s footsteps is a deeply honorable pursuit.

His career path has been defined by an unwavering commitment to detail, a focus on patient-centric solutions, and a fervent dedication to planning complex cases. Even in his youth, Tyler’s fascination with dentistry was evident; he could often be found tinkering in the dental lab, crafting metal bugs and encasing bees in clear acrylic for show and tell.

Starting in the model department, Tyler laid the groundwork for his expertise in dental technology. Over time, he transitioned to the denture department, mastering the creation of custom trays, bite blocks, night guards, and various dental appliances. His journey led him to delve into denture setups, honing his understanding of occlusion.

Recognizing the importance of formal education, Tyler pursued the Dental Technology Program at George Brown College to obtain his RDT license. Throughout his studies, he remained engaged in lab work, focusing on CAD/CAM technology, dentures, and crown and bridge/implant procedures.

In 2022, Tyler graduated at the apex of his class, earning the Dean’s Medal for achieving the highest GPA and the Dean’s Award for consistently excelling in every semester. Subsequently, he obtained his RDT license in 2023.

Armed with his credentials, Tyler returned to Baluke Dental Studios, assuming leadership of the Crown and Bridge CAD/CAM Department, specializing in crown and bridge procedures alongside implants. His insatiable thirst for knowledge propels him ever forward, always striving to surpass expectations for his clients and, most importantly, for the patients they serve.

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