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Understanding your NHS pension and benefits

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Join Michael Copeland and Wilf Moralee as they explain the NHS pension benefits during a free webinar on 21 September at 19:00.

Do you work for the NHS and are unsure of your benefits? The financial experts are here to support you!

Join Wesleyan Financial Services’ Michael Copeland and Wilf Moralee for this educational webinar designed to explain the ever-changing benefits of working for the NHS. Including what they mean to you and your financial planning.

Learning outcomes

  • Does it really matter which NHS pension scheme you’re in?
  • Your additional benefits, including life cover and sick pay
  • The McCloud (pension age discrimination) case and how it affects you
  • Pension allowances and tax mitigation
  • COVID-19 and the future of NHS dentistry
  • Downing tools – is there a perfect time to retire?

Plus, there’s a live Q&A at the end where you can ask any burning questions you may have for further support.

Michael Copeland

Michael Copeland is a senior area manager with Wesleyan joining in 2004. This was following a career as a senior financial consultant working largely in the corporate sector.

For 10 years, he managed a team of specialist financial consultants working solely with dentists and dental practices. Since 2015, Michael has managed a team providing specialist financial advice to GPs, doctors and dentists.

Wilf Moralee

Wilf Moralee is a chartered financial planner with 19 years’ experience in financial planning.

He now spends his time coaching and developing other financial consultants at Wesleyan.

He has specialist knowledge of the NHS pension scheme and how to replace your NHS benefits if moving to private practice.

To register for this webinar, simply visit www.dentistry.co.uk/webinar.

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