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Viper Partners Wraps Up 2023 With Trio of Major Oral Surgery Transactions

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In a grand finale to an already record-breaking year, Viper Partners, the leading dealmaker in the dental industry, successfully closed three major oral surgery deals in the final week of 2023. Despite a year fraught with challenges and uncertainty, the Florida-based investment bank drew upon decades of experience navigating market volatility and securing top-dollar deals for their clients.

“Double-digit multiples were the name of the game for our sizable clients this year because their businesses are simply worth that,” declared David C. Branch, Viper Partners’ founder. “There’s a trend of buyers trying to shortchange these doctors, but that doesn’t sit well with me. A multi-doctor, multi-location oral surgery deal is worth at least 10x against a robust EBITDA, and I’m determined to secure that for them.”

Viper Partners brought several high-profile deals to the market in 2023, including Roanoke Oral Surgery, The Christiana Center for OMS, and Santa Barbara Center for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

Buyers aggressively vied for these deals, but ultimately, only “top dollar” offers made the cut for Viper. The winning deals, primarily structured as 70% cash and 30% equity, were clinched by DSOs with robust private equity backing and consistent year-on-year stock growth.

The momentum continues into 2024, with Viper already putting $125 million under Letter of Intent (LOI) by January 6th. “We’re all in on dental this year,” stated Branch. “We’re eager to collaborate with serious sellers who seek the best representation and require offers and deals that make good business sense. No bargains, just solid transactions.”

Viper prides itself on its strategic relationships with what it views as the best potential buyers for its clients. Each client is treated preferentially, receiving a comprehensive marketing package that includes an in-house financial underwriting assessment and pricing review before the deal hits the market. “We represent our sellers and take that responsibility very seriously,” emphasized Branch.

Viper Partners is actively seeking to collaborate with dental practices nationwide.

About Viper Partners

As America’s premier M&A advisory and investment bank, Viper Partners empowers dentistry, dermatology, plastic surgery, and med spa practices to reach their pinnacle of success. We take pride in our unique relationships with family offices and private equity-funded organizations. Our mission is to deliver exceptional M&A services that foster success for both buyers and sellers in the healthcare industry. The expertise of our team, demonstrated by closing over $5 billion in transactions since 2009, including 110 deals in 2019 alone, sets us apart in our industry.

For more information, please visit viperequitypartners.com.

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