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Woodpecker PT-B Air Now Available Through Oral Science

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Oral Science is thrilled to now offer the new Woodpecker PT-B air polisher and ultrasonic scaler.

We believe that comprehensive biofilm management is essential for disease prevention and treatment, and this is why we are offering a new additional amazing technology to allow leading clinicians the opportunity to work minimally invasively.   

The new Woodpecker PT-B is a five-in-one device offering air polishing, periodontal treatment, endodontic treatment, restoration preparation along with implant maintenance.

The Woodpecker PT-B key benefits for the dental hygiene team are:

Dual Filtration System

  • Dual filtration system for air and water sources provides enhanced safety for diagnosis and treatment

New Pressure Regulation System

  • Servo motor + pressure regulator valve
  • More precise pressure regulation and more stable air pressure output

Efficient Temperature Control System

  • 300W high heating power, 5000% increase from pT-A
  • 4 temperature settings
  • Enabling automatic preheating

Built-In Power Supply

  • Replace the traditional exterrnal transformer of PT-A
  • Efficient operation, easy installation, aesthetically pleasing

High-Resolution Screen

  • 5.5 inch 1280*720 LCD screen enables clearer and more vivid display

Magnetic Recognition System

  • Greatly upgraded operation mode switching
  • Ultrasonic and air polishing handpicks can be easily distinguished with magnetic pole feedback system

One-of-Kind Powder Tank

  • Industry-leading concentric air intake/exhaust system
  • Centrosymmetric funnel-shaped structure
  • Transparent tank body allows real-time observation of powder
  • 360 degrees rotatable for added convenience
  • Upgraded structure to minimize powder leakage

Multifunctional Wireless Foot Pedal

  • Bluetooth 5.0 connection for super-fast response
  • Enable 72ft continuous work when fully charged
  • Versatile operation modes fitting to different needs

Contact Oral Science to begin your journey integrating the Woodpecker PT-B!

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