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3 Reasons Why Having a Clinical Advisory Board is Important

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My Dental Agency often relies on a Clinical Advisory Board, a panel of highly esteemed dental professionals we consult to ensure that we are creating accurate and useful campaigns for our clients. Recently, one of our CAB members, Dr. David R. Pearce, spoke about why he believes the CAB is essential. Listen to him here, and continue reading to learn more about why our CAB is such a valuable asset.

First and foremost, effective marketing and patient communication requires more than just expertise. It demands a personal touch. In the dynamic landscape of dental marketing, precision and excellence are not just ideals; they are indispensable principles. Our Clinical Advisory Board, which is made up of a variety of professionals from across the dental care spectrum, demonstrates our commitment to our clients. Dr. Pearce recognizes this, which is why he is eager to participate and share his expertise along with his colleagues.

The Right Message to Reach the Right Patients

One of the main roles of the CAB, as Dr. Pearce explains, is to guarantee the specificity of the messaging. Today’s consumers are discerning and well informed. Generic messages do not move them. The CAB is our guide in tailoring communications, ensuring that our messages resonate authentically with patients. We can turn to our trusted CAB members when we need more clinical or technical information about anything dentistry related. The CAB is also there to tell us about their personal and professional experiences, why they choose certain materials, tools, programs, treatment options over others. With this insider information, we can craft very specific messages that are more likely to hit the mark.

Just the Facts, and Only the Facts

Specificity alone isn’t enough, however. Dr. Pearce also emphasizes the importance of accuracy. Details matter, and the CAB guarantees that our campaigns provide correct information that is clear and precise. This commitment to accuracy is the foundation of the confidence that our clients place in us. We would never want to mislead anyone or, even worse, put out incorrect information related to a marketing campaign. That would not only be potentially harmful to patients, but it would certainly damage the reputation of our client, as well as our own. The CAB is one resource we use to ensure that our marketing is up to the highest standards.

Listening to the Patients

The true strength of the CAB lies in the insights derived from knowing the patient’s perspective. Dr. Pearce talks about the invaluable benefits gained from years of listening to patients’ reactions to different treatments. The experienced professionals who make up the CAB don’t just understand dentistry; they live it. The CAB provides insights into how real patients feel about different treatments, something that only practicing professionals know. These insights enrich our marketing efforts and help us to reach more patients, hitting on their emotions and desires.

As we continue to provide dental marketing services to more and more practices across the country and even outside of the US, there is no denying the indispensable nature of specificity, accuracy, and the patient’s perspective. We could certainly create specific and accurate marketing campaigns without the CAB, but the insight we gain from it ensures we are always at the top of our game. The CAB is a strategic asset for MDA, ensuring that our clients are not just marketing to the masses, but running targeted, compassionate, tailored campaigns that are geared towards what patients really need and want.

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