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A Celebration of DLN’s Key Dental Supply Supporters

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Dental Lifeline Network wouldn’t be where it is today – reaching 50 incredible years of service to those in need – without the unwavering support of key players from dental suppliers. This story celebrates the corporations and individuals whose dedication to DLN has transformed countless lives. 

From Vision to Nationwide Impact: Burt Borgelt and Dentsply 

The journey began with a shared vision. Leaders like Burt Borgelt, former CEO and Chair of Dentsply, understood the critical need for accessible dental care. He championed Dental Lifeline Network’s Donated Dental Services (DDS) program by spurring the growth of donated laboratory services and establishing DentaCheques, a coupon book offering dentists discounts with large manufacturers and suppliers. Borgelt knew that if he could drum up support for DLN and the DDS program, it would significantly reduce the costs of providing donated dental treatment, thus enabling the organization to serve more individuals in need. 

Corporate Supporters Step Up: Dave Steck and Henry Schein 

The power of collaboration is undeniable. Dental giants like Henry Schein quickly embraced Dental Lifeline Network’s mission. Driven by social responsibility and a personal connection to the cause, President Dave Steck, whose son has disabilities, actively participated on DLN’s Board of Directors, expanding DLN’s reach across the country. To date, Henry Shein has contributed more than $500,000 to help individuals with disabilities and those who are considered medically fragile get access to critical dental treatment. 

Patterson’s Enduring Legacy Through Pete Frechette 

Pete Frechette, the former CEO of Patterson Dental, was a longtime and key supporter of Dental Lifeline Network. Partnering with his wife, Pat, they spearheaded a critical initiative – expanding Patterson’s corporate involvement with DLN by garnering support from major dental dealers and manufacturers. Because of Pete and Pat’s passion and leadership, this collaboration between Patterson and DLN secured a vital stream of funding for DLN. Patterson has been a strong supporter of Dental Lifeline Network for more than 25 years and has donated more than $500,000.  

Strength in Numbers: Benco Dental  

Benco Dental, another major supporter, joined the cause later but made significant contributions through DentaCheques and individual donations. Their commitment exemplifies the collective effort that has fueled Dental Lifeline Network’s success. 

A Supporter Remembered: Dr. Anthony Volpe and Colgate 

The story wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging Dr. Anthony Volpe, former Vice President of Scientific Affairs at Colgate. A renowned dental professional and friend, Dr. Volpe served on both the national and New Jersey Boards of Directors for Dental Lifeline Network. His dedication to fundraising and networking significantly impacted DLN’s growth. Dr. Volpe will be remembered for his passion and dedication to changing and saving lives throughout his career and life. 

Thank you, Dedicated Supporters! 

These are just a few of the honorees who stand behind Dental Lifeline Network’s remarkable achievements. Together, with others, they have made a difference for the growth of Dental Lifeline Network, and in turn, in the lives of countless individuals in need. Their legacy continues to make an impact as we strive to make our vision for all vulnerable adults to have access to lifechanging dental care a reality. 

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