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A Legacy of Giving. A Legacy of Care.

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Special thanks to the following Legacy Society members who have made commitments to ensure DLN can serve thousands more. Your impact makes a difference.  

Dental Lifeline Network Legacy Society


Burton C. and Suzanne* Borgelt 

Dr. Terry L. Buckenheimer 

Dr. Michael R. Dick  

Pete Frechette* 

Benjamin and Debbi Goodier  

Dr. David R. and Margaret P. Inglehart  

Jennifer Koberstein  

Fred and Ann Leviton  

Dr. Stephen and Bonnie* Litton  

Richard J. McDonough  

Dr. Harry  J. Melnick*  

Drs. Martin Nager and Denise Shapiro  

George Obst 

Richard L. Peebles 

Gary K. Porter  

Dr. Charles F. Squire  

Steve and Sherri Weinstein  

*In memoriam 

Indiana DDS Legacy Society 


Apricot Orthodontics, LLC 

Dr. John and Lorraine Borkowski 

Dr. Marybeth Brandt-Tockey 

Daniel and Betsy Brunette 

Dr. W. Kelley and Patricia Carr 

Dr. Richard and Donna Cowan 

Dr. Timothy and Christine Devitt 

Dr. Bill and Kathryn Gilmore 

Dr. Lawrence and Cassie Goldblatt 

Dr. Karl W. and Margret Gossweiler 

Dr. Charles F. Hine 

Dr. Jay A. Hughes 

Bill and Shirley Karg  

Dr. Robert Larson – Larson Orthodontics 

Dr. R. Stephen Leman 

Dr. R. Dale and Phyllis S. Lentz 

Dr. Randall and Susan Long 

Kam McQuay  

Robert R. and Gayle T. Meyer Fund – a fund of Central Indiana Community Foundation 

Dr. Ronald Miller 

Dr. Brandon and Laura Parrish 

Hud and Diane Pfeiffer 

Dr. Gregory and Stephanie Phillips  

Ms. Karen Raftery 

Dr. Edward Sammons 

Dr. Gary A. Schinbeckler 

Dr. Joe and Nancy Sigg 

Dr. Kenton A. Susott 

Dr. George and Beverly Vail 

Dr. Kurt and Ellie Van Winkle 

Drs. Brian and Marisa Walker 

Dr. Lauren S. Weddell 

Wittler Orthodontics, P.C.  

Dr. David H. and Anne L. Wolf 

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