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A Lesson from Karinna’s Team Engagement Strategy

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By: Jackie Ulasewich Cullen

When it comes to dental practice marketing, custom social media content is not just beneficial; it’s essential for reaching your audience where they are most active. If you are facing challenges getting your team engaged in content creation, take inspiration from the successful approach Karinna, one of our CAB members, took. Watch her video here and follow our guide for practices struggling to motivate their team to participate in creating custom social media content.

Who is Karinna?

MDA has a Clinical Advisory Board (CAB) made up of dental professionals who lend their expertise to others in the field and make themselves available to advise on marketing campaigns. The CAB is an essential source of information for the dental practices we serve and for us as well. Karinna is an experienced dental assistant and regular CAB contributor. Beyond her clinical duties, she serves as the marketing liaison for her practice.

The Problem

Karinna was noticing that her colleagues were not volunteering to create custom social media content for the practice. Understanding that posting on social media is vital to the practice’s overall marketing strategy, she needed a way to get her coworkers more engaged and committed to creating custom social media content.

The Solution

Karinna found success by creating a content signup sheet. It is a simple approach that has made a big difference, as she explains in the video.

The Keys to Karinna’s Success

  1. Communication – Karinna has been able to leverage the signup sheet to communicate the practice’s need for custom content, outlining specific topics and due dates. Specifying details on a written document helps the other team members understand exactly what they are volunteering for and gives them a clear deadline.
  2. Sparking Interest – The signup sheet helps to pique everyone’s curiosity and creativity by highlighting the different opportunities for custom content. Additionally, as team members see their coworkers signing up, they are also motivated to participate.
  3. Accountability – Having a signup sheet where team members write down their commitment to creating social media content increases accountability. Any time they pass by the signup sheet, they are reminded that they agreed to contribute.
  4. Visibility – Karinna posts the signup sheet in a high-traffic area. Her colleagues see it multiple times a day and are reminded of what the practice needs from them. This keeps the topic of social media content top of mind even on the busiest days when their focus is elsewhere.
  5. Raising Awareness – The presence of the signup sheet serves as positive reinforcement, reminding everyone that social media content is an important part of their activities, sustaining momentum by keeping the entire team engaged.

By implementing these steps inspired by Karinna’s success, your dental practice can get team members more involved in creating social media content. Through collaboration, communication, and strategic planning, you can motivate your team to create engaging content that not only reaches your audience but also builds team morale. So, take a lesson from Karinna and use a signup sheet, rally your team, and find social media success!

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