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April 2024 – Dentistry Today

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Complex Implant and Restorative Planning: A Team Approach

Dr. Gregori M. Kurtzman looks at a patient with a blend of clinical issues and conditions. In this circumstance, the choice of lab, materials, and cementation enables a consistent and predictable workflow that mitigates stress for the practitioner, team, and patient.

Leveraging the Inside-Outside Bleaching Technique

Dr. Melissa Seibert details a method of bleaching an endodontically treated tooth with the “inside-outside” technique. She explains why the combination is sometimes necessary to achieve a predictable result.

Allogenic Block Grafts Utilized for Pre-Implant Site Development

Dr. Brian Jackson demonstrates a staged approach encompassing an allogenic block graft followed by implant placement and prosthetic reconstruction. This technique is useful in horizontal ridge augmentation for dental implant reconstruction.

[CE]—Improving Primary Stability of Implants Using Osseodensification

Drs. Emil Capetta, Adam Goldberg, Howard Drew, Ranjitha Padhiar, and Mariam Khan present cases that were seen and treated at the postgraduate clinic of Periodontics at Rutgers School of Dentistry. Treatments used modifications of densification techniques to achieve successful surgical results in rehabilitating patients with preoperative limitations to implant placement. This article is peer reviewed and available for 2 CE credits.

FOCUS ON: Head and Neck Cancer

Former opera singer Kathleen Watt discusses an unexpected diagnosis and her journey back to health.

Responsibilities of Dental Providers in Recognizing Substance Use Disorders

What We Should Know About the Strength of Dental Ceramics

Q&A: Dentsply Sirona: Join us in Tackling the Social Side of Sustainability

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