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May 2024 – Dentistry Today

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Resolving Long-Standing Problems in a Full-Mouth Rehabilitation Case

Dr. Dimple Desai shares a restorative approach to an older patient who had all but given up on addressing her primary complaint of jaw pain after a variety of treatment modalities meant to treat it had failed. The use of diagnostic modalities and careful use of prosthetics created a successful result.

SDF Action in Proximal Caries Lesions

Drs. Theodore P. Croll, Joel H. Berg, Gerald A. Ferreti, and Steven R. Jefferies follow the use of soft dental picks dipped in 38% silver diammine fluoride (SDF) solution as a means to soak caries lesions in contacting proximal tooth surfaces.

Early Implant Restoration through Photofunctionalization

Drs. Douglas W. Beals, John R. Francis, Dexter Barber, Trever Siu, and John A. Cianciola discuss using ultraviolet light C (UVCL)-treated implants in the posterior mandible and restoring them in only 6 weeks. This novel ultraviolet surface treatment appears to enhance osseointegration and would allow practitioners to restore implants sooner.

Collaborating on 3D Printed Temporaries for All-on-12 Full Dentures

Dr. Jennifer You and Mr. Paolo Lubrano show how they collaborated to successfully treat a complex and extensive case. They share their digital workflow—a more predictable, cost-effective, and time-saving process that allows an advanced dental procedure to be easily accomplished by the general practitioner with proper training.

FOCUS ON: Teledentistry

Brant Herman, founder and CEO of Mouthwatch, LLC, discusses the benefits of teledentistry for doctors and patients.

TECHNOLOGY UPDATE: Strategy for Material Selection and Cementation

Dinesh Sinha, BDS, PhD, interviews Jae Seon Kim, DDS, MSD, a board-certified prosthodontist, about his preferred strategy for handling prosthodontic cases.

QUICK TECHNIQUE: Eliminate Third Molar Complications With 3TBA

TriAgenics’ fully guided tooth bud ablation treatment (3TBA) is designed to eliminate problems associated with current third molar management strategies.

QUICK TECHNIQUE: Ecosite One: It Simply Matches—Always

QUICK TECHNIQUE: Ergonomic Techniques for Predictable and Accurate Tooth Preparations

VIEWPOINT: Intraoral Indications of Dermal Filler Adverse Events

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