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Bandon Dental Survey Says NY Tops US Dental Health Concerns

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The survey from Bandon Dental, which utilized Google search data, analyzed the number of searches related to teeth whitening, invisalign, braces, veneers, and dental implants. With a score of 410 out of 500, New York State ranked highest in dental concerns. The findings of the survey shed light on the varying levels of dental concerns across different states. Vermont, on the other hand, ranked last in the survey, scoring only 233 out of 500.

This highlights the need for increased awareness and dental care in the state.

The United States Most Teeth Obsessed State – Full Table

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“Dental health is of vital importance and at this stage, we’re all aware of the dangers of neglecting your teeth. Now, more so than ever before, people are being proactive about not just the appearance of their teeth, but their overall oral health too and this survey is just further proof of that,” noted a spokesperson for Bandon Dental.

Bandon Dental’s use of Google search data provides valuable insights into the dental concerns of each state. By examining the search interest for specific dental procedures and treatments, Bandon Dental has been able to identify the states with the highest and lowest levels of dental concerns. These findings can help inform public health initiatives and dental care strategies across the country.

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