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Leaders in Evidence-Based Dentistry Honored at the American Dental Association’s SmileCon™ 2023

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The American Dental Association (ADA) and the American Association for Dental, Oral & Craniofacial Research (AADOCR) announced the winners of the annual Evidence-Based Dentistry (EBD) Faculty & Practice Awards. The awards, which are supported by an unrestricted educational grant from Colgate, are presented to educators and clinicians who have made significant contributions to implement and advance EBD. The winners will be recognized at the ADA Science & Research Institute’s (ADASRI) Science Social event at SmileCon™ 2023 in Orlando, Fla.

Norman Tinanoff, D.D.S., M.S., will receive the 2023 EBD Accomplished Faculty Award. Dr. Tinanoff is currently a professor for the Department of Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry. Over the span of his 45-year academic career, he has authored or co-authored over 200 clinically oriented publications, primarily on fluoride mechanisms, antimicrobials, caries risk factors, early childhood caries and prevention. His current interests are concerned with preventing dental caries, providing oral health access for underserved child populations and developing clinical policies and guidelines for the ADA, American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) and International Association of Pediatric Dentistry (IAPD). Dr. Tinanoff served on the AAPD’s Council on Clinical Affairs for 14 years, with lead authorship on 12 Oral Health Policies or Best Practice. Recently, as Chair of the IAPD Science Committee, he has directed the effort to establish 20 evidence-based clinical guidelines and also has served on five ADA evidence-based panels with subsequent publications that have had a key role in advancing evidence-based dentistry.

Tamanna Tiwari, B.D.S., M.D.S., M.P.H., will receive the 2023 EBD Mid-career Faculty Award. Dr. Tiwari is an associate professor in the Department of Community Dentistry and Population Health at the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine. She is an author of over 60 publications and has given more than 100 presentations at local, state, national and international meetings and conferences. As a researcher, her topics of interest include the effect of health behaviors on health; the relationship between social, environmental and cultural factors and health disparities; women as health pioneers, researchers and leaders; and dental trust between patients and dental providers. Dr. Tiwari has contributed to evidence-based dental education and practice in social determinants of health, and in 2023, she conducted a dissemination and implementation research study in the Journal of the American Dental Association to show the association of caries risk with higher social deprivation, reinforcing the role of structural and upstream factors in oral health. Dr. Tiwari is also the Director at Large for the American Association of Public Health Dentistry and President for the International Association for Dental Research Behavioral, Epidemiologic Health Services Research Group.

Kadambari Rawal, B.D.S., C.A.G.S., M.S.D., F.A.S.G.D., F.I.C.D., will receive the 2023 EBD Practice Award. Dr. Rawal is a practicing dentist and Clinical Associate Professor of General Dentistry at Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine. She has provided comprehensive dental medicine services for geriatric patients residing at the Hebrew Life Long Term Care (LTC) communities in Greater Boston since 2010. Dr. Rawal is also involved in providing continuing education to the nursing staff and other inter-professional teams at the LTC hospitals. During her national and international lectures to her health care colleagues, she coverage a variety of ADA EBD topics such as pre-appointment antibiotic prophylaxis, antibiotic use for pain and inflammation, oral cancer detection, pain management and topic fluoride application. She was honored with the Delta Dental Health Equity Hero Award in 2021 for her work during the pandemic, when she provided care to geriatric patients after establishing protocols to ensure clinics ran smoothly and safely.

For more information about evidence-based resources from ADASRI, visit EBD.ADA.org.

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