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Benefit Relief for Canadians in Need

by adminjay

Effective July 1st, Canada Day, Rogers Media and Post Media will be broadcasting and publishing the Covid 19 Health and Dental Relief Plan to all Canadians in need.  This social contract will provide economic relief to all recovering from the pandemic by offering an affordable self-insured health and dental benefits plan under reference-based pricing.

Coast to coast, Canadians will be presenting their benefits cards as they seek
access to your enrolled office(s) for care.

If you are not yet enrolled in the FCB Health Network of providers and wish to accept new patients under this plan, please visit the FCB website at www.fcbhealthnetwork.ca to enroll now.

FCB is honoured to support this social endeavour and acknowledges all its
3000-plus providers who are diligently providing care throughout this pandemic as they endure risk, restrictions, financial stress, and heightened emotional distress. FCB Providers are truly the frontline heroes who are contributing not only to the health of the country but also to the economic recovery and well-being of all Canadians in need. FCB appreciates and is grateful to all its health and dental providers as they continue to contribute a benefit relief to all health and dental services under the Covid 19 Health and Dental Relief Plan A001.


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