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Rapid Fire Q&A with Dr. Lee Brown – Freedom Dental Coach

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Does your practice depend on dental insurance business? Do you wish you could get away from that business mode? It’s possible with the right approach. MDA co-founder Jackie Cullen and Dr. Lee Brown of Freedom Dental Coach recorded a fun rapid-fire Q&A where they opened up about going fee for service and working with a marketing agency. Watch it all above.

Dr. Brown is a practicing dentist and the owner of Freedom Dental Coach. This new venture focuses on teaching dental practices to find financial freedom from the limitations of dental insurance plans. He has successfully transitioned his practice from insurance-dependent to fee-for-service dentistry and now personally guides others as they do the same. He’ll be the first to say that it is a scary undertaking, but if you embrace the concept and commit to the process, there is everything to gain.

What does it mean to become a fee-for-service practice?

Dental practices that depend primarily on insurance networks for their business may have little control over the types of patients they attract, plus they sacrifice a great deal of revenue just to participate in the insurance companies’ networks. More and more dentists are expressing that they find this business model restrictive, and they see the potential to raise their quality by transitioning away from insurance networks as the largest source of patients. Dr. Brown helps these practices navigate that process.

The Approach

His first goal is to address the fears that naturally come with making such a change. Since the insurance model has been the status quo for decades, moving away from it can produce feelings of uncertainty. Dr. Brown’s advice is to make a plan and stick to it. He’s done this himself and has helped others as well. He understands it can be scary, but you have to trust the process. He also advises practices to get help from someone who has successfully transitioned their practice and keep their eyes on the prize. Transitioning to fee-for-service takes time and patience, and above all, a strong marketing partner, like My Dental Agency, that understands the ins and outs of dentistry on a level other marketing agencies do not.

Having the Right Partners Makes a World of Difference

MDA has worked with Dr. Brown for several years and throughout his transition to fee-for-service. Because of this experience and as a proactive marketing partner, MDA is uniquely qualified to guide others wishing to make the same transition. Dr. Brown and MDA co-founder Jackie have been close collaborators since the beginning. As is apparent from their interaction, they have built a strong relationship of trust, which they both attribute to their successful partnership. As Jackie and Dr. Brown agree in the video, when you outsource a part of your business, like marketing, you have to be confident in the company you hire and trust them enough to let them take the lead. Otherwise, the relationship will be doomed from the start.

We love highlighting our successful clients, like Dr. Brown, especially when they are so kind to share information that can help other practices achieve their goals. His latest venture is off to a great start. We support him wholeheartedly in this endeavor, and it’s pretty clear from his interview with Jackie that the feeling is mutual.

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