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Calling All Dental Practices: We Have Some Important Advice for You

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Meet Karinna, Dental Assistant, Clinical Advisory Board Member, and Marketing Point of Contact. She has a busy job assisting a doctor at a well-established dental practice and she also takes a lead role in the practice’s marketing. How does she do it all? Find out in this informative and revealing video.

I think this interview with Karinna is valuable for anyone who works on the administrative or marketing side of dental care because it demonstrates just how essential these roles are in dentistry. Karinna has learned to balance all of her responsibilities gracefully, and she fully believes in the work she is doing for the practice. She contributes in so many ways, ensuring that everything runs smoothly day in and day out.

What does Karinna do that’s special?

As a dental assistant, Karinna may be a little unique because she is also involved in the non-clinical side of the practice. One of Karinna’s roles is as the primary point of contact for MDA. She plays a key part in executing the practice’s digital marketing strategy, which allows the doctors to spend more time seeing patients. Karinna is the person behind most of the custom content that gets posted on the practice’s social media, and she organizes the lead report that shows the results of what has transpired after a new patient lead has scheduled their first appointment from all online marketing efforts. 

In Karinna’s opinion, both of these activities are important parts of her job. The first engages patients in a way that has little to do with the clinical side of dentistry and much more to do with human connection. The second allows the practice and MDA to understand and anlayze how well the overall marketing strategy is working and it tracks specific campaigns. The lead report is a tool that tracks the number of patients who are following through with their appointments and treatment plans. Having it helps the practice and MDA know what is working and makes planning for the future more productive.

What is the Key to Karinna’s Success?

I don’t want to spoil the video, but Karinna believes that communication is an absolute necessity when it comes to staying on top of things. Not only is it important to communicate with her team and the patients, but it is also important to maintain open and honest communication with MDA. Being the marketing liaison is only one part of her job responsibilities, albeit an important one, and MDA understands that. So, when there is an open line of communication and she is able to tell us exactly what she needs, our team is better able to support her and her team, and everybody wins.

Karinina has a lot more to say in the video, so I encourage you to watch it until the end. She is truly an exceptional dental assistant, and the enthusiasm she has for her work shines through as she talks about her role at the practice. Her dedication and adaptability are just a couple of the qualities that prompted us to invite her onto the Clinical Advisory Board. Her perspective is also unique, and we know it will be valuable to other dental assistants and marketing liaisons out there.

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