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Candid Pro & MDA Webinar Replay Available Now!

by adminjay

You may have already heard that MDA & CandidPro recently teamed up to help a dental practice increase their clear aligner business, but that’s not all. The two companies have formed a partnership that will be valuable to dental practices across the country. MDA co-founder Jackie Cullen and Jennifer Pinder from CandidPro recorded a webinar and revealed all the benefits of using CandidPro for clear aligners and MDA to harnessing the marketing power of CandidPro’s product, and it’s available to view now.

Without giving too much away, this webinar is a must-see for any dental practice that is not satisfied with the number of clear aligner cases they are getting. Not only does CandidPro provide all the marketing collateral, but they also provide a detailed marketing strategy and specific training on how to sell their clear aligners. Couple that with the marketing expertise of MDA, and patients will be flooding in. 

A great partnership makes all the difference.

CandidPro is a unique clear aligners company for so many reasons, which is why MDA is confident in partnering with them. First and foremost, they have the proper technical knowledge and provide expert treatment planning from real orthodontists. They also make it so that the patient’s entire treatment can be completed virtually. That means all check-up appointments are done online, adding a layer of convenience and time saving for the patient. One of the biggest benefits, which we’ve already hinted at, is their marketing collateral and training. They do not just send the practice a bunch of stuff and say, “Good luck!” They provide printed collateral, social media posts, and emails, a 6-week training course, plus a fully planned out marketing strategy. All the practice has to do is stick to the plan. 

Combining the expertise of MDA and CandidPro is a recipe for success.

A practice that works with MDA gets even bigger benefits from their CandidPro partnership because MDA can integrate CandidPro’s marketing seamlessly into the practice’s existing strategy and ensure that the message is coming across consistently on all channels with the correct timing and follow-up. MDA also takes on most of the work required to market the new product.  

Expertise you can count on.

Both companies have a deep understanding of the dental industry and how dentists operate. They both have tried and tested marketing strategies that are proven to attract high-quality patients. Additionally, both companies know what it takes to get people engaged, including the in-office team, which is an essential part of the sales process, and the patients, who may not even know that the practice offers clear aligners.

Watch the webinar replay to learn all about how the MDA/CandidPro partnership can take your practice’s clear aligner sales to a whole new level. Even if your practice is already relatively successful at gaining new clear aligner cases, there are still valuable takeaways in this video. The topics that Jackie and Jennifer discuss apply to more than just clear aligners. For instance, do you know how many times you need to repeat a message for it to register with a patient? You’ll find out when you watch the replay! Don’t leave money on the table. Watch the webinar replay and learn what it takes to become more successful at marketing clear aligners and more.

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