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Clinux CAD Offers New Possibilities for Dentists with Innovative Software

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Clinux CAD, the world’s first cloud-based CAD software designed for dentists, is proud to announce three innovations, expanding its range of possibilities for customers:

  1. New Indication: Inlay/Onlay – Dentists increasingly want to 3D print their inlays and onlays. Clinux CAD now caters to this trend with its new indication. Users will experience the same familiar workflow as with Crowns, and the software fully supports multiple unit designs, even in opposing quadrants.
  2. New Margin Tool Function: Semi-Automatic Margin – Clinux users can now benefit from a fully functioning semi-automatic margin finder in their next case. This feature enables clinicians to swiftly complete the margin process by tracing the cursor and identifying the shortest distance along an edge.
  3. Pay-per-Export License – Introducing a flexible option, the Pay-per-Export License provides access and use of Clinux CAD with payment occurring only when a design is exported. This new license complements the existing monthly, annual, or five-year license options, where all exports are unlimited. Users can purchase exports in blocks of credits, with the cost determined by the volume of credits acquired.

“The new indications open up a world of possibilities for dentists wishing to make their own CAD designs,” stated Roddy MacLeod, Clinux Inc. CEO. “Multiple-unit, simultaneous designing unlocks profitable workflows for the dentist, whether restoring a quadrant in one visit or a patient’s new smile.”

The clinical convenience of these innovations allows users to mix and match the optimal design method on a tooth-by-tooth basis. MacLeod states, “For instance, a user may employ Database design when there is no useful pre-existing occlusion or Copy design, which is ideal for reproducing wax-ups in the anterior. In any scenario, we have worked to ensure the maximum clinical outcome through guided and intuitive workflows.”

About Clinux

Clinux CAD, a 100% open system founded in 2020, is the first-ever Cloud-based CAD for dentists featuring guided workflows. Developed by clinical experts, the software enables dentists to fabricate Inlays, Onlays, Crowns, Crownlays, and Night Guards/Splints within the browser in minutes. Clinux imports scans from all IOS types and allows the export of designs to dentistry’s most popular mills and 3D printers with one click.

For additional information, visit the website at www.clinux.pro or join the Clinux User Group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/261836612314137.

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