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DentiMax Launches Groundbreaking 1.5 Open Sensor – Dentistry Today

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DentiMax released an all-new 1.5 Open Sensor on April 17, 2024. In terms of size, image quality, and price, DentiMax reports that this new digital x-ray sensor has exceeded their customers’ expectations and is based on years of feedback from dental clinicians.

The Open Sensor already received high ratings from the independent testing organization, Clinician’s Report*, which stated that the DentiMax Open Sensor is “competitive with the best systems previously evaluated.”

Upon reviewing this report, Chad Camac, DentiMax vice president, said, “Being ‘competitive with the best’ wasn’t good enough, so we increased the scintillator from 150 microns to 350 microns and made other changes for an even better, crisper, more beautiful image.”

The Size 1.5 Open Sensor boasts a compact design, making it 11% smaller than its predecessor, the Size 2 Open Sensor. This reduction in size enhances patient comfort and ease of positioning.

The 1.5 Open Sensor is available for purchase at an initial launch price of $2,999 or through a convenient subscription model at $99/month. “This revolutionary sensor represents our ongoing commitment to deliver cutting-edge solutions that empower practitioners to provide superior patient care,” Camac said.

To take advantage of the initial launch price, interested practitioners are encouraged to contact DentiMax at (844) 385-7854 or at imagingsales@dentimax.com.

About DentiMax

DentiMax is a leading provider of imaging technology and software in the dental industry, which includes high-quality X-ray sensors, imaging software, and practice management software.

NOTE: Clinician’s Report is an independent, non-profit dental education and product testing organization. The full report can be accessed at dentimax.com.

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