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Digital Dental to Distribute Preat Titanium Blanks for Abutment Milling

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Digital Dental and Preat Corporation announced that they have entered into an exclusive distribution agreement for titanium blanks, effective in the United States immediately. The agreement builds upon the performance of Digital Dental’s Titan abutment milling machine and strengthens its commitment to assist dental laboratories with end-to-end FDA compliance for in-house milling.

Preat titanium blanks are FDA-cleared with compatible interfaces for all major implants systems. Digital Dental will distribute Preat titanium blanks as part of their Custom Abutment Program which also includes a quality management system, quality management training and assistance for participating laboratories to become validated Preat milling centers.

Digital Dental to Distribute Preat Titanium Blanks for Abutment Milling

The comprehensive program offers dental laboratories a turnkey solution for bringing profitable abutment milling in-house.

“On average, we can save our clients five days of production time and 65% of the cost for custom abutments. Yet compliance must be a consideration for any dental laboratory beginning to mill abutments in-house, given the increasingly regulated landscape. We’re excited to offer the only end-to-end compliant solution by adding Preat’s rigorously tested and reviewed titanium blanks to our quality management system, training, and milling machine offering,” said Jon Barnes, President & CEO of Digital Dental.

“We believe in enabling dental laboratories through a broad portfolio of high-quality solutions. As more laboratories consider milling abutments in-house, we’re eager to support them in that endeavor through this comprehensive program with Digital Dental,” said Chris Bormes, President of Preat Corporation.

About Preat Corporation

Preat is a full-service company offering customers high-quality, fairly priced implant components, attachments, and specialty prosthetic items built on a foundation of top-notch service. As a trusted industry partner for more than 40 years, Preat has helped build more than 650,000 happy smiles and has over 5,000 possible solutions for you to choose from today.

About Digital Dental

The company, the founder of Crystal Ultra, leads the dental industry in innovative digital technology. Delivering ground-breaking manufacturing solutions for labs and dentists makes them the undeniable choice for those seeking state-of-the-art abutment milling technology, revolutionary full arch nano-ceramic hybrids, and clear aligner production.

The company engineers and manufactures high-efficiency milling machines that produce consistent and precise results for dental laboratories throughout the US and across the world.

FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: Miguel Á. Padriñán from pexels.com.

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