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Finding the Right Marketing Company

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In a perfect world, a marketing agency isn’t just another vendor that your practice hires to perform a service. A marketing agency is a partner that understands the unique characteristics of your practice and knows how to leverage them to create effective strategies that produce measurable results. But why only in a perfect world? Why not in the real world? Any marketing agency you choose should be able to work with your practice in complete synergy. Unfortunately, that is not always how it goes, as MDA CAB member and highly respected owner practitioner Dr. Lee Brown explains in this informative video that you won’t want to skip.

What Makes a Marketing Agency a Good Fit?

Dr. Brown has some experience working with marketing agencies — not all of it positive. However, through the years, he has learned a few things that helped him find the right marketing partner for his practice and should also help you find the right one for yours.

First and foremost, Dr. Brown believes that a marketing partner should share common values with the dental practice it represents. If your practice is quality focused, but the marketing company you’re working with relies on generating volume, that’s going to cause some problems. You’ll have much greater success with a marketing agency that understands your practice’s personality and maybe has a similar personality itself. Dr. Brown also believes that the marketing company you choose should have strong core values. When a company is steadfast in its own vision and mission, it’s a good indication that it will be steadfast in representing your practice ethically and responsibly.

What about the more tangible aspects of marketing? Of course, you want results, so the marketing company you choose should not only be able to help your dental practice produce the outcomes you want but track them as well. It will accomplish this by working directly with you to build your brand, create continuity across all marketing platforms, and target the types of patients you are seeking. The company should be able to track the success of your marketing channels, report real numbers, and share them with you on a regular basis. Does your current marketing company do all of that? If not, perhaps there is a better option out there for you.

Is It Worth It?

The short answer is Yes. As Dr. Brown explains, you might hesitate to take the plunge, but you will be glad you did. And the sooner you do, the better off you’ll be. Dr. Brown also emphasizes the importance of being comprehensive, like you are in your practice. After all, if you only focus on one issue without looking at the big picture, are you really doing the best job for your patients? No! The same holds true for marketing. Even though it may seem more economical and prudent, by not taking a comprehensive approach to marketing your practice from the start, you’re leaving a considerable amount of potential on the table.

Whether your practice is new or just new to marketing, you have a lot to gain by finding a marketing agency to partner with. Choosing the right marketing agency for your practice is an important component of the overall success you achieve now and in the long term. The sooner you make the commitment, the sooner you will start to see results. And while it may take a little bit of trial and error, once you find the marketing partner that works best for your practice, you won’t regret it.

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