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Fine Orthodontics Launches FineLine, A Breakthrough Clear Aligner System

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The Fine Orthodontics team, led by the experienced specialist orthodontist, Dr. Martin Fine, is excited to announce the launch of its exclusive clear aligner system, FineLine. The new system has been designed to meet the growing demand for highly efficient, aesthetic, and cost-effective clear aligner treatment.

‘Next-Gen’ Clear Aligners

In the conventional model of clear aligner treatment, practitioners typically rely on external companies to supply the aligners. These aligners are generally manufactured overseas and shipped in bulk to the treating clinic, resulting in the upfront production of a complete series of aligners, typically around 20-30 aligners per patient.

A spokesperson from Fine Orthodontics has explained that FineLine is different because all aspects of the treatment are managed locally, with clear aligner design and production seamlessly integrated into Fine Orthodontics’ Bondi Junction practice.

By eliminating delivery costs and delays, the FineLine system empowers Fine Orthodontics to be highly responsive to patient needs at every step of the treatment journey. With FineLine, patients can experience the “best of both worlds” through aesthetic, comfortable clear aligner treatment combined with a level of clinical control that was previously achievable only with fixed braces.

With reduced outsourcing and improved overall productivity, in most cases Fine Orthodontics can offer FineLine clear aligners at a lower overall treatment cost compared with conventional clear aligners. Furthermore, as the aligners are made only as needed, there is no longer any need for patients to provide a large upfront deposit to commence their treatment.

“We are working towards making large orthodontic down-payments a thing of the past,” commented a Fine Orthodontics’ spokesperson. “There is really no need for it with FineLine, and it has been fantastic to see high-quality treatment become more accessible to a greater number of people.”

During the development of the innovative FineLine system, Fine Orthodontics conducted a detailed analysis of each step in the process to ensure the incorporation of the best available materials, technologies, and techniques. For example, they identified key aspects of clear aligner technology that enhance transparency and integrated these features into the FineLine system. This ensures that the aligners blend seamlessly into a patient’s smile, making them virtually undetectable to most casual observers.

Another standout feature of the FineLine system is that it has been designed to apply gentler forces initially, with increasing pressure levels within each treatment stage. This approach enhances both patient comfort and treatment efficiency.

In addition to offering an array of advantages directly to patients, the FineLine system demonstrates potential for reducing the environmental impact associated with conventional clear aligner use. Improved responsiveness and an “on-demand” manufacturing schedule support overall waste reduction, while on-site production significantly reduces the need for long-distance aligner shipping.

In addition to revolutionizing the conventional clear aligner process, Fine Orthodontics has harnessed the latest accompanying technologies to ensure that ongoing treatment monitoring is in tune with the needs of modern orthodontic patients.

A Fine Orthodontics spokesperson has commented that “in 2024, the majority of our patients are busy ‘digital natives’ who value flexibility in the manner in which they communicate with our office and track the progress of their orthodontic treatment.”

For this reason, Fine Orthodontics patients have the option of keeping in touch via a Remote Monitoring smartphone app, which supports them to communicate easily with the office, in addition to submitting digital scans of their developing smile. This means that Fine Orthodontics patients can progress through their aligners as soon as they are biologically ready, whilst keeping physical visits to a minimum. Furthermore, with less need for in-person visits, you no longer need to live close to one of Fine Orthodontics’ physical offices to obtain the benefits of FineLine treatment.

“Taking the FineLine route offers you the orthodontic aligner treatment you’ve been seeking—a combination of incredible aligner quality, enhanced comfort, treatment efficiency, outstanding aesthetics, and remarkable value,” said Fine Orthodontics’ spokesperson. “We invite you to get in touch to find out if FineLine is the right fit for you.”

About Fine Orthodontics in Sydney

Fine Orthodontics has been offering outstanding orthodontic treatment to patients in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs and its surrounding areas for over 30 years. With offices based in both Bondi Junction and Maroubra, Dr. Martin Fine and the Fine Orthodontics team focus on leveraging the latest technologies and treatments to provide patients with the best possible orthodontic care.

To learn more about Fine Orthodontics Sydney and their launch of FineLine clear aligners, please visit the website at fineorthodontics.com.au.

A detailed overview of the FineLine system can be found at https://www.fineorthodontics.com.au/fineline.

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