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by adminjay

These past several months we have been working to execute our new organization wide strategic plan. One of those strategies includes developing a new marketing and volunteer recruitment campaign aimed at younger dentists aged 27-42.    

Last July, we hired a marketing firm that conducted research including interviewing younger dentists who are volunteers and non-volunteers about volunteering and the Donated Dental Services (DDS) program. 

The marketing firm presented the feedback and proposed several creative concepts. The concepts were tested with a larger group of younger dentists and an impactful recruitment campaign was selected based on the responses.  

We are excited to announce the WHY I Dental campaign.  The new campaign encourages dentists to live their ‘Why’ and do good together through DLN. In addition, the advertising copy addresses one of the major reasons why younger dentists say they can’t volunteer—Time.   

Here is a quote from one of our younger dentists and  New Jersey Board Director who was asked to talk about his why. “I volunteer for Dental Lifeline Network because it gives me that warm fuzzy feeling like I had in dental school. When we were just treating human beings and not trying to run the business of practice and trying to make people healthier through oral care.” —Dr. Tom J. Sniscak 

 The campaign will be executed through various digital media outlets including social media, YouTube, digital dental trade media, web ads and e-blasts, newsletter ads, and sponsorship with editorial content pieces.  

Be on the look out for ways to share your ‘why’!

A special thanks to the Lanmark 360 team for their passionate work on this project.

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