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Make Time For Positive Visits

by adminjay

When you approach a team member, how do they react? Are they eager to hear you speak? Or are they waiting for something bad to happen?

A lot of dentists only talk to their team when they have something negative to say. Maybe your receptionist ran the wrong insurance information, or your hygienist had to retake the patient’s X-rays. You tell team members when they make a mistake, so they can do better in the future.

Negative feedback isn’t all bad. It helps your team learn and grow! But if everything you say is negative, team members will dread talking to you. They’ll know what’s coming before you even speak. That’s not the kind of relationship you want with your team.

Your team needs POSITIVE feedback every once and a while. Make time in your day to praise team members for all the things they’re doing right. Positivity boosts morale, increases employee retention and motivates team members to keep doing a great job. A little encouragement goes a long way!

Wanna learn how to communicate that positivity? Glance through our blog post about effective team communication. And don’t forget to watch this short video about the importance of positive feedback!

Make support part of your culture!

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