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Meet Buffy Berg — a Woman of Many Talents

by adminjay

I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it, the MDA team is full of extraordinary people. Buffy Berg, our Account Manager/Project Manager and All-Around-Go-To Person is no exception. Never mind how much we all rely on her knowledge of all aspects of what we do, Buffy is one talented person in her own right.

Buffy started with MDA in August of 2018, and since then has become one of our most involved and dedicated team members. But before she came to us, she had a long and rich career in insurance. Being in the insurance industry for 18 years, working closely with customers on a daily basis, helped her develop a keen eye for detail and excellent customer service skills, two abilities that also help make her great at what she does for MDA.

When she came to MDA, she had recently left the insurance business to focus more on her children and helping out at their school. She started by filling in for me while I was on maternity leave, and from there she hit the ground running. Since then, she has become my right-hand-woman, and I don’t know what we would do without her.

If Buffy’s last name sounds familiar, it’s because she is married to MDA’s co-founder Shawn Berg. So, I guess you could say that MDA is really part of their family! Speaking of family, Buffy loves that working for MDA is like having another family. She says that it’s wonderful to work for a company that truly cares for its employees and where everyone on the team cares for each other. She knows she can count on her MDA family for anything, no matter what.

Work-life balance is extremely important to Buffy, also having time to volunteer, and working at MDA allows her to do that. She spends a lot of time volunteering at her kids’ school and for some non-profits that are near to her heart. When she’s not volunteering, the whole family absolutely jumps at any opportunity to take their fifth wheel and hit the road. She calls it camping, but most people would probably say it’s glamping. She loves to explore new places with her family.

I did say that Buffy has many talents besides being an amazing account manager at MDA. In fact, she used to be a cheerleader and trained in karate for many years. She almost made to black belt level!

Everyone at MDA adores Buffy. We are so privileged to have her on our team. I am thrilled to have an account manager/project manager and multi-talented person I can count on every day to get the job done with a big smile on her face. Her enthusiasm for her job shows in everything she does, and we all can’t help but notice.

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