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Nexa3D Adds Two New North American Dental Partners and Three Resin Materials

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Nexa3D announced ahead of Lab Day Chicago, the addition of two new dental partners in North America – CAD-Ray and Harris Discount Dental Supply. Additionally, Nexa is introducing three new resins from dental industry juggernaut Pac-Dent, Inc., enabling validated workflows for new surgical and restorative applications for labs and practices using Nexa3D’s XiP desktop printer, powered by LSPc technology.

Pac-Dent 3D printing resins for dental procedures and restorative applications, including Denture Base 2.0, Surgical Guide 2.0, and Splint 2.0 (Photo: Business Wire)

Expanding Accessibility to Ultrafast Printing | CAD-Ray & Harris Discount Supply

Nexa3D is proud to include CAD-Ray and Harris Discount as new value-added resellers to the company’s global network. CAD-Ray, headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, is a premier distribution and education company that brings decades of combined experience in the digital dentistry market – specializing in 3D printing, digital imaging, CAD/CAM, guided implantology, and CT technologies.

“We’re thrilled to add Nexa3D’s ultrafast XiP 3D printer to our portfolio,” said Wayne Glassoff, vice president of 3D printing for CAD-Ray. “This printer’s accuracy, speed, and productivity combined with CAD-Ray’s deep industry expertise and exceptional customer care make for a powerhouse combination.”

Joining CAD-Ray in the Nexa3D reseller network is Harris Discount Dental Supply, a Warner Tech-care Company based in Arden Hills, MN, with over 40 years of distribution experience in the dental industry. They focus on delivering quality products at affordable prices, making them a perfect match for Nexa3D’s LSPc technology that delivers unmatched throughput at a low total cost of ownership.

Beautiful, Functional Dentures | Rodin Denture Base 2.0

Rodin Denture Base 2.0, manufactured by Pac-Dent, is a groundbreaking Class II biocompatible material revolutionizing denture fabrication. Offering enhanced flexibility, stability, and a wide range of gingival shades, this innovative material combines durability, aesthetics, and patient comfort, making it a forefront choice in dental innovation.

With expanded shade options and diverse selections, it ensures personalized solutions with superior durability withstanding high-impact forces and guaranteeing long-lasting performance. Enhanced print stability and precision accuracy ensure consistent high-quality results, rivaling milled dentures, and its lustrous finish and pleasant formulation provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Advanced Material Science for Dental Surgery | Rodin Surgical Guide 2.0

Rodin Surgical Guide 2.0 represents a significant advancement in dental surgery. Engineered for printing both full-arch and quadrant guides, this resin ensures maximum shatter resistance and dimensional stability even under extreme conditions. Its superior strength guarantees reliable performance during critical procedures, while the distinct coloring facilitates easy verification of implant positioning.

Compatible with autoclave sterilization, it ensures each guide is sterile and ready for use and its formulation eliminates offensive odors or tastes, enhancing patient comfort during surgery.

Crystal Clear Splints for Bruxism and Snoring | Rodin Splint 2.0

Rodin Splint 2.0 provides unmatched stability, strength, and wear resistance for 3D-printed splints, night guards, retainers, and snoring devices. Engineered to combat severe bruxism, night grinding, and snoring, its superior durability ensures long-lasting effectiveness.

Rodin Splint 2.0 offers crystal-clear aesthetics and freedom from odors or tastes, prioritizing patient comfort and ensuring a discreet and comfortable experience.

Progressing Dental Applications Through Partnership

Nexa3D is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of 3D printing technology, and these new materials are a testament to the organization’s commitment to innovation, quality, and versatility for ultrafast dental 3D printing.

“We are thrilled to announce Nexa3D as our newest validated printer partner at Pac-Dent,” said Ryan Solozano, Pac-Dent product manager. “The XIP printer has demonstrated exceptional capabilities in effectively printing Rodin resins, solidifying its position as a formidable asset in our portfolio.”

Print profiles for Nexa3D’s XiP printers are now available, and these Pac-Dent resins are available immediately through Pac-Dent’s website and through their extensive distribution network in the United States.

Additional information on Nexa3D’s full dental resin portfolio is available on the company’s website.

About Nexa3D

Nexa3D is passionate about digitizing supply chains sustainably by pushing the limits of additive manufacturing. The company makes ultrafast polymer 3D printers that deliver up to 20x productivity gains to professionals and businesses of all sizes.

Partnerships with world-class material suppliers and its open materials platform unlock the full potential of additively manufactured polymers for volume production. Automated software tools optimize the entire production cycle using process interplay algorithms that ensure part performance and production consistency while reducing waste, energy, and minimizing the carbon footprint.

For more information on Nexa3D and its products, visit the Nexa3D website, or connect socially on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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