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Oral Science Launches SmilePen, the First Pain-Free PAP Home-Care Whitening Available to Dental Professionals

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Oral Science is pleased to announce the launch of SmilePen [SwissWhite, Switzerland] in Canada, the first pain-free PAP home-care whitening available to dental professionals.


Going beyond, Smilepen® has innovated an exceptional blend of PAP, hydroxyapatite, and hyaluronic acid. This pioneering composition, a manifestation of “triple power” called PAP power formula, not only ensures heightened teeth whitening but also fortifies and reinforces the tooth structure. Smilepen® whitening products are safe to use and 100% pain-free, no irritations. Due to strontium’s chemical similarity to calcium, it can assist in remineralizing teeth due to calcium loss.


Smilepen® teeth whitening gel incorporates a variety of ingredients to enhance the whitening experience. While replacing HP as an oxidant is responsible for the most substantial improvements to whitening technologies, the inclusion of hydroxyapatite, a nanoscale powder, is crucial. Hydroxyapatite ensures saturation with the mineral apatite to prevent demineralization and softening of enamel. Apatite is a naturally occurring building block that gives teeth and bones their strength and can remineralize and restore tooth enamel. This combination of ingredients contributes to achieving up to 14 shades whiter teeth.


Treatment with peroxides may require a gum shield to avoid damage during treatment, often leading to bleaching of the gums, as well as blistering, irritation, and hypersensitivity. This is due to the mechanism by which peroxide functions to bleach, which is via the production of free radicals and more specifically ROS. The enamel-building properties of Smilepen® teeth whitening gel are further supported by other enamel-preserving ingredients such as strontium citrate, which is a common dietary supplement for bone health. Aside from ingredients that help protect enamel and remineralize teeth, there are also other ingredients aimed at treating diseases and bacterial infections, which include more common oral conditions such as periodontal disease.

For more information, visit https://oral.science/en/products/smilepen/

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