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PepperPointe Partnerships Expands into New York Market

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PepperPointe Partnerships has announced their expansion — of mission and support — into New York with the addition of eight orthodontic and pediatric dental practices, 10 doctor partners, and 20 office locations. This marks the first group of practices supported by PepperPointe outside the state of Kentucky.

This expansion marks a total of 110 locations now supported by PepperPointe Partnerships. These locations are served by nearly 1,000 team members who work tirelessly to provide quality care to more than 275,000 patients across Kentucky and now the state of New York.

The PepperPointe Partnerships model is unlike any other in that all practices, and the DSO itself, are owned and controlled by the nearly 100 doctor partners. PepperPointe was founded on the belief that true doctor ownership — at all levels of the organization — ensures long-term continuity of care for the patient. This important distinction preserves the legacy of doctor-owned practices and in doing so, protects the continuity of patient care for generations.

“At PepperPointe, we believe the quality of care a doctor-owner provides to a practice, community, and their patients is unmatched. We don’t think in terms of three to five years, but three to five generations,” said PepperPointe Partnerships Chief Strategy Officer, Julie Booher. “Our model provides generational continuity of care by doctors who own the practices and own the management company for those practices. That growth and lasting impact are so much more important than the number of locations we support. Focusing on furthering our mission for our patients is what truly propels us forward.”

PepperPointe Partnerships is the only doctor-owned, doctor-controlled dental service organization (DSO) of its size. This unique DSO facilitates the formation of completely doctor-owned and doctor-led pediatric dental and orthodontic Group Practices that are supported by PepperPointe.

The key features of the model include maintaining autonomy and preserving the heart and soul of each individual practice, while creating unparalleled growth and synergy. The New York Group Practice includes Carl L. DiVita, D.D.S., Catania Orthodontics, J. Bradley Ecker, DDS Pediatric Dentistry, Gleason Orthodontics, More than a Smile Orthodontics, Rivoli and Rivoli Orthodontics, Orthodontists’ Associates of Western New York, and Owl Orthodontics.

“We are so excited to welcome these new practices with like-minded and courageous doctors into our organization and humbled by what this means for the patients and communities they serve,” said PepperPointe CEO and President Dr. Greg White. “From cost savings to our collaborative doctor network to creating ownership opportunities for associate doctors, we have experienced tremendous success and growth to date. We believe we are truly better together.”

PepperPointe Partnerships plans to continue its successful growth strategy by aligning with doctor partners who have a shared vision and commitment to protect their communities.

About PepperPointe Partnerships

Founded in 2017 and based in Lexington, Ky., PepperPointe Partnerships is the only doctor-owned, doctor-controlled dental service organization (DSO). The unique DSO is committed to preserving true doctor ownership — at every level of the business — in order to protect personalized patient care.

Through this patient-centered model, autonomy is maintained and the heart and soul of each individual practice is preserved while doctor owners experience significant financial security from the synergy, growth, and the collaborative network. Learn more at PepperPointe.com.


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