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Spear Education Announces New In-Person Seminar

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Spear Education is pleased to announce its latest offering, the two-day in-person seminar, “Transforming Everyday Dentistry: Mastering Comprehensive Treatment.”

This innovative seminar will transform the way dental professionals approach patient care within their existing practice structure. Attendees will acquire valuable skills on how to identify patients initially there for hygiene who require broader treatment. The seminar focuses on helping dentists recognize and effectively initiate treatment discussions, facilitating a seamless transition for these patients from hygiene appointments to scheduled treatments.

The “Transforming Everyday Dentistry” seminar addresses this challenge head-on, providing participants with essential tools to:

  • Quickly diagnose problems from the hygiene operatory
  • Motivate patients to schedule comprehensive exams
  • Gather necessary data for precise diagnoses
  • Comprehensively treat patients within their existing practice structure

Up to 14 CEs are available for completing this seminar, and it is taught by Spear’s experienced faculty, including Drs. Frank Spear, Gregg Kinzer, Jeff Rouse, Ricardo Mitrani, Darin Dichter, Robert Winter, and Adam McWethy.

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About Spear Education

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Spear empowers dentists and their teams to achieve unparalleled standards of Great Dentistry. Our comprehensive range of in-person and online educational programs, coupled with cutting-edge practice management resources, equips dental practices to deliver exceptional patient care and find fulfillment in their work. With a vibrant community of more than 13,000 members and over 700 Study Groups, Spear offers access to a myriad of engaging continuing education courses. Taught by industry-leading faculty, these courses solidify Spear’s position as the leader in dental education and practice management solutions.

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