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SprintRay Launches OnX Tough 2

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SprintRay has recently announced the launch of OnX Tough 2, which stands as the pioneer and sole 3D printing resin to have received clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) under the 510(k) category for fixed, implant-supported denture prosthetics. This marks a significant advancement for the dental industry.

3D printed fixed, implant-supported denture with OnX Tough 2

OnX Tough 2 constitutes a vital component of an integrated and efficient 3D printing chairside process that empowers dentists to craft full arch, fixed denture restorations distinguished by their exceptional toughness and lifelike translucency, resulting in high-quality, same-day smiles. By leveraging OnX Tough 2 in conjunction with the SprintRay ecosystem, dental professionals are capable of 3D printing up to 10 fixed dentures within a span of 30 minutes.

The need for implant-supported dental prosthetics is on the rise, with the market expected to grow to $11.54 billion in 2023.1

Unlike conventional removable dentures, fixed hybrid dentures are secured using implants, substantially improving stability, function, and patient satisfaction.2

“Traditional processes for fixed, implant-supported dentures involve up to 6 patient visits and extensive fabrication time,” SprintRay CEO and co-founder, Amir Mansouri, PhD, expressed. “We were convinced there had to be a chairside approach. This achievement, marked by the first-ever FDA clearance for a 3D printing material for fixed hybrid dentures, ushers in a new era of same-day restorations while upholding the highest clinical standards, allowing patients to enjoy the benefits of their new smile immediately.”

New Chemistry for Dentistry

OnX Tough 2 was developed utilizing proprietary NanoFusion technology, a process that suspends the precise amount of ceramic in the formulation, thereby minimizing the need for mixing. This process augments structural integrity, rendering restorations printed with OnX Tough 2 exceptionally durable and suitable for demanding dental applications such as implant-supported dentures.

Presently available in shades Bleach, A1, and A2, OnX Tough 2 builds upon the chemistry of its predecessor resin, OnX Tough, and incorporates new pigments to enhance its optical performance. These fresh pigments facilitate highly precise shade matching and improved color stability. Fixed dentures produced with OnX Tough 2 exhibit optimal radiopacity for imaging diagnostics, treatment planning, and monitoring healing and progress.

“Implant-supported dentures can be life-changing for patients, improving their speech, chewing, facial balance, and aesthetics, but the fabrication process is time-, resource-, and labor-intensive, deterring many from them,” said Keith Klaus, DMD, an innovator in restorative, cosmetic, and implant dentistry with a private practice in Flowood, MS. “FDA-cleared OnX Tough 2 and a streamlined 3D printing chairside workflow marks a watershed moment in the dental industry. It simplifies the process and ushers in a new era of accessibility and convenience for providers and patients alike.”

SprintRay will present details of this new technology at the American Academy of Implant Dentistry Conference, which takes place from November 1 through November 4.

For more information about OnX Tough 2, visit sprintray.com.

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